Gisele Bundchen got kinda naked for a new fashion video

Gisele Bundchen may now be a mother of two, but her moneymaker is still in tip top working order as evidenced by this sexy new video. Motherhood has apparently not stopped Gisele Bundchen from hitting the gym a few days a week because as you can see from this photo shoot for Vogue Italy she’s still got one killer body. I especially enjoyed the photograph they took of Gisele Bundchen naked getting a little cupping done on her ass. Oh yes, I did. That is not the typical ass of a mom of two. (It’s in this video as well, several times – have you hit play yet?) The one of her climbing into the tub naked wasn’t too shabby either. Man, I love fashion. (The Gisele Bundchen GIF above is for those unable to watch video at work, because I care, but it’s not even the best part so be sure to watch it at home. Trust me. Oh, and by the way, fuck you, Tom Brady.)

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