Guyism supports heroes, playmates, and whisky

I don’t know in what environment purple camouflage is effective, but I’m willing to throw logic out the window when Playboy is involved. The fine folks at Crown Royal are continuing their Heroes Project down in New Orleans for the Superbowl. Playmates and celebrities like Neil Patrick Harris, a fitting combination, spent time stuffing camo versions of Crown Royal’s iconic bags as part of the whisky brand’s tribute to the troops. Guyism was asked to predict the outcome of the game, and I stole the opportunity from sports writer extraordinaire, Isaac, because he couldn’t be trusted to put his freeroll money on a Michigan Wolverine, Jim Harbaugh. I went with San Francisco 27-23. You never pick a standard score. The prediction was then embroidered on a bag by Crown’s master seamstress and stuffed with nuts, fruit snacks, and other tastes of home. Who doesn’t love fruit snacks? Regardless of the outcome, our name looks pretty nice in Jessa Hinton’s hands.

Photos from AP on behalf of Crown Royal