Here’s Christina Milian giving out free lap dances

To be honest with you, I have no idea what Christina Milian does. For all I know she’s one of those pseudo celebs with a sex tape. But I’m not gonna complain because um, dat ass.

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25 Oh my dear God

24 Hero monkey looks down Katy Perry’s shirt

23 Everyone else is exercising wrong

22 Love you Mila

21 What an important GIF

20 Because BUTTS

19 Nope, implants

18 God Bless America

17 You have strong boobies

16 What an adorable freakout by Lauren Cohan

15 Oh, ZING!

14 For the panty fetish crowd

13 Does Olivia Munn need to slap a bitch?

12 Jumps up, snatches it from the air

11 And the winner of this year’s Hooters International is…

10 I just got one of those odd boners

9 Will you marry me?

8 But seriously, will you?

7 Is this the sexiest woman in Germany?

6 Yes, we’re totally in love with Sharknado’s Cassie Scerbo

5 Jesse Lee Denning is a hot tattooed babe

4 Call Me when you can throw better pitches

3 Olivia

2 Fuckin’

1 Munn