Watch Hottie Jamie Lynn Spears Whip Out A Huge Knife During A Fight At A Pita Pit And Start Screaming At People


Remember when Jamie Lynn Spears was hot shit back in the late 2000’s? She had her very own show on Nickelodeon called Zoey 101, which was exactly what you’d imagine a late 2000’s Nickelodeon show to be like: a lesson in odd facial expressions coupled with jokes that only 10-year-olds would find funny.

Oh the hilarity! But all stupid things must come to an end, which happened to Zoey 101 when Jamie Lynn Spears got knocked up at the ripe ol’ age of 16. If she’d been born a few years later she could’ve at least crossed over onto 16 & Pregnant, but instead her career stalled and she popped out a kid 9 months later. Most people’s careers never recover after going on a hiatus, but Jamie Lynn’s making a comeback with her newest skill: wielding a knife during a fight at a Pita Pit.

According to TMZ, Jamie Lynn was in a Pita Pit last month when one of her friends got caught in the middle of a bunch of guys beating the shit out of each other. So her solution? Grab a knife and start screaming.

It’s a wild scene — she pulls her gf out of the scrum … then, when the dudes keep going at it … Jamie Lynn, mother of a 6-year-old, struts behind the counter, grabs the knife and waves it around. While she never cuts anyone … the threat was enough to break up the fight.

As you can see in the video, the only person to handle this situation like a calm human being is the Pita Pit guy in the beanie cap, who just saunters around with a telephone glued to his ear. Assumedly he’s calling the police, but you can tell the guy either gives 0 fucks about what’s going on or this happens frequently enough that calling the cops on a Pita Pit fight has become a mundane occurrence for him. Either way, don’t fuck with Jamie Lynn Spears. She’ll cut a bitch…or at least threaten to do it.