It’s official: Johnny Depp has turned Amber Heard straight

Despite the fact that it was kind of big news a couple of years ago when Amber Heard came out as a lesbian, she simply couldn’t resist the charms of one Johnny Depp as they are now “officially” dating. Depp, 49, and Heard, 27, were finally spotted doing something together as a couple after almost a year of speculation when they were photographed holding hands at a Rolling Stones concert at Echoplex in Los Angeles on Saturday.

“Johnny and Amber began dating pretty soon after he split with Vanessa [Paradis],” a source close to the Pirates of the Caribbean star tells Radar.

“At first, Amber was a little apprehensive, because she didn’t want to be seen as the mistress. But Johnny won her over with his generosity and he was constantly giving her gifts.”

“On a weekly basis, Johnny would send her fresh flowers wherever she was. He also bought her tons of custom-designed jewelry that would cost him up tens of thousands of dollars,” the source said.

Apparently the reason for no one seeing them together is because they spent most of their time in San Diego and at Depp’s home in the Bahamas.

I guess people don’t have the use of cameras in those two places. Regardless, we can officially confirm the final entry on Johnny Depp’s alleged hookup history.

Of course I’m sure that none of this has to do with generating publicity for Depp and Heard or for his film The Lone Ranger. People in Hollywood would never sink that low.

The Love Diary! Johnny Depp And Amber Heard’s Secretly Serious Relationship [Radar]