Kaki West is back with the sexiest photo shoot for bottled water ever

This company 138 Water has been having one sexy model after another pose as a part of their new marketing campaign, but now, they finally got around to having one of our personal favorite models Kaki West pose for them. As you will see, it turned out VERY, VERY well. There’s a reason she was one your favorite women here in the month of October and it’s pictures like this.

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I could tell you all about how 138 Water is a premium, electrolyte-infused drinking water,
or how this shoot was taken on Exuma Beach in the Bahamas by photographer Raquel Rischard, or how Kaki is an amazingly interesting woman in addition to being drop dead gorgeous, but hey, you came here for the pics, right? So get to gawking.

BUT just in case you do want more info, feel free to follow Kaki on Twitter and Instagram.

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Photo credit: Raquel Rischard