Kate Upton might be in the ‘Entourage’ movie

Kate Upton image by Anton Oparin/Shutterstock

A finer pairing has never been conceived in all the history of Hollywood. So Entourage. It’s a tough show to really get behind. I was on board when it started and a pretty big fan, but midway through the show’s run something changed. Entourage transformed from a story about four friends who’d gone through all kinds of crap together to something much less engaging – separate stories about Vince dealing with stardom, Eric dealing with Sloan, Ari dealing with Ari and Drama and Turtle dealing with a dumb sitcom subplot every week. Throw in some boobies and that’s basically every episode of the last three seasons.

So it was kind of a relief when the show went off the air. Then creator Doug Ellin said that he wanted to make a movie, and after it took him a few years to write the script (who knows, maybe the “b,” “r” and “o” keys were broken on his laptop) it got finished and greenlit and just a few weeks ago Warner Brothers announced that all of the main cast members had signed deals to return. That just leaves… the boobies.

Well, the boobies are on lock. The Wrap is reporting that Kate Upton is in negotiations to take the lead female role in the movie. Upton, the Michigan-born glamour model with the impossibly great body, made her acting debut in 2011’s flop Tower Heist and followed it up with the even worse Three Stooges, so she’s obviously not picky.

But Entourage? That’s perfect for Kate Upton. She can play herself (because, honestly, who is going to believe Kate Upton in a movie about Hollywood not playing Kate Upton), she can show some cleavage (or more), she’ll sell some tickets. Details on her role are still secret, but we expect to find out more when Entourage the movie starts production in early 2014.