Lily Aldridge is still very photogenic

Lily Aldridge is not only really good at modeling lingerie for Victoria’s Secret, she’s also good at modeling other items of clothing (of course, there are still bras involved, let’s not be crazy here). I mean, the folks over at Tatler aren’t idiots, when you have the opportunity to photograph one of the sexiest lingerie models on the planet like Lily Aldridge you can’t have her completely covered up, now can you? And while this video isn’t as good as your typical Victoria’s Secret fare featuring Lily Aldridge it’s still pretty hot. And why do I still get excited seeing a lingerie model showing her bra or getting dressed like Lily is here? I guess it’s still like forbidden fruit even if we do see her like that all the time. Maybe they’ll shoot Miranda Kerr next. You know, since she’ll be looking for more work and all.

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Photo credit: YouTube/Tatler