Lindsay Lohan has a new Web site

by 6 years ago

You know how you like to slow down to look at car crashes? Well, Lindsay Lohan has set the world up for the Internet equivalent as, little did we know, she actually has her own Web site.

As her site says…Welcome To LindsayLohan.Com, where you can “Get the latest updates sent directly to you!” *subscribe* What a week for Lindsay. New site, new job. Things are looking up. Who knew being topless in a shitty film would do so much for her career so quickly?

Lindsay’s most recent post reads,

To my fans,
Welcome to my new site… Your support has been everything. I’m so excited for what’s next. xo
All my love,

I’m not sure why Lindsay says that her Web site is new when there are posts dating back to April. Maybe when she says that it’s “new,” she actually means revamped. Whatever… I am totally checking this out on a daily basis now, so thanks for the heads up Linds.

She also recently shared some Instagram pics *follow* and a video of her interview with Oprah plus other random Lindsay Lohan stuff, all kind of tame by Lilo standards. But hey, now we know where to go for all our breaking Lindsay Lohan news, right?

So when does that new Lindsay Lohan reality show hit the air, anyway? Because you know it’s coming.

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