Was Maria Menounos fired from ‘Extra’ because of one of her co-workers? Maybe…

If certain sources are to be believed Maria Menounos is leaving as a mainstay of the TV show Extra because of her deteriorating relationship with one of her co-workers. Namely co-host Mario Lopez. Fuckin’ Slater… what is your problem, bro?

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According to Page Six, Menounos’ contract is up and isn’t being renewed, with one source saying, “Maria and Mario barely even speak to each other.”

The source also said, “Maria has become a big diva. Do we really need to see her in a bikini yet again?”

Uh yes, yes we do. Who is this source? The fun police?

Another more believable source (believable by me) says that it was Lopez’s ego that’s caused the change, “Maria’s contract is up and she has decided to move on. She is deciding between a number of other opportunities.”

So until Maria lands a new gig – and she will – we’ll just have to get by with watching her on Oxygen in her reality show Chasing Maria Menounos. Now if we can just figure out where in the hell Oxygen is on our cable system.

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Maria Menounos image by Jaguar PS/Shutterstock