Maria Menounos knows how to use Instagram properly

Maria Menounos is one of the most popular women on television, which is quite amazing since all she does is host a TV show, Extra. Although once you get a look at her it suddenly becomes a whole lot less amazing. What also sets Maria Menounos apart is how social media-friendly she is, always working Twitter and sharing large parts of her life on Instagram. She’s posted almost 400 pictures there with, as you can see, several photos of her in sexy outfits that she wears as both a part of her job and on her off-time (including that as a professional wrestler). And as I have said before, you can learn a lot about someone’s personality on Instagram, especially when they use it as well as Maria Menounos does. My only complaint is the striking lack of bikini pictures. Let’s get to work on that, okay Maria?

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Photo credit: Maria Menounos, Instagram