Meet Brandi Cyrus, Miley’s older, hotter, far less annoying sister

What? You didn’t know Miley Cyrus had a sister? Well she does and her name is Brandi and as far as we know she hasn’t twerked in a unicorn costume or done any of the other nutty things her younger sister has. Though she did apparently dress as a unicorn for Halloween, so perhaps that day is just around the corner as for some reason she suddenly made an appearance at the American Music Awards over the weekend.

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Technically, Brandi is just Miley’s half-sister as she and her brother Trace were Miley’s mom Tish’s kids before she married Billy Ray, who adopted them after their marriage. Also, she’s not completely immune to the spotlight as it turns out she’s done a few celebrity-related things in the past as evidenced by her Web site.

So now you know, there is another Cyrus girl in her 20s out there and as long as she keeps it as on the downlow as she’s done in the past, she’ll also be our favorite Cyrus girl in her 20s.