Melanie Iglesias eating ice cream in a bikini: The remix

Melanie Iglesias eating ice cream while in a bikini was just today rated by us the second sexiest video of 2013 so when we saw that they put together a remix of that video a couple of days ago, well, we just had to share.

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I haven’t deciphered exactly what the main differences are other than some different scene cuts and reversing of the video. I’ll have to watch it eight or nine more times before I get that handled, but at the very least this remix gives us another tremendous GIF of Melanie Iglesias in a bikini with ice cream melting all over her so even if there aren’t that many differences it was TOTALLY WORTH them creating it. They’re even selling autographed posters of this momentous event in history. Adding that to my wish list in 3…2…1.

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