Mila Kunis gives an epic interview with a nervous male reporter

Mila Kunis almost always kills it when she gets interviewed, but this video of her talking to young Chris Stark of BBC Radio 1 might be 6-plus minutes of her absolute finest. As you know by now, Mila Kunis is in the new film Oz: The Great and Powerful, so she’s making the rounds doing press bits like this, but Mila and Chris rarely manage to talk about the film and that’s what makes it so great. She even says this is the best interview she’s done for the film. At various points he manages to get her to agree to go to a bar with him, a football (soccer) game with him, and perhaps a wedding. Jennifer Lawrence may be the current America’s Sweetheart, but it’s stuff like this that put Mila Kunis at the top of our 100 Sexiest Actresses Under the Age of 30 list. A sense of humor really does add to a woman’s sexiness factor.

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