Miley Cyrus shared another topless pic on Instagram this weekend

In what I’m sure made Billy Ray a proud papa on Father’s Day, his daughter Miley Cyrus posted a couple of VERY racy photos over the weekend. Of course one of them had to feature Miley naked. Natch…

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She captioned this little gem, “#preshoweralfalfaselfielife,” which means pre-shower alfalfa selfie life, which of course makes no sense anywhere but in the little world Miley has created.

At least she had the wherewithal to not go full Rihanna and just a nipple by hiding it with a little cartoon character. She just saves that for her Instagram videos, I guess.

Then, naturally, Miley posted a post-shower selfie in a bikini with the caption, “#postshowerinstagramwhoreselfielife,” which means post-shower instagram whore selfie life, and makes mayyybe 1% more sense. I think.

Anyway, as a dad I can only hope that one day my daughter does me as proud as Miley did her dad on Father’s Day weekend. Then I will know I have succeeded as a father.

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