Lost another one: Miranda Kerr reportedly dating Australian billionaire James Packer

Miranda Kerr image by Allan Bregg/Shutterstock

So I saw this story about a week ago and it was being reported as untrue, but it keeps surfacing and it seems more and more likely that Miranda Kerr is now dating a billionaire named James Packer. So much for my Leonardo DiCaprio theory. (Maybe.)

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Reports Woman’s Day

Friends say the world’s most eligible bachelor has been quietly seeing Miranda Kerr, falling for her after her shock marriage break-up. Very few people are aware of the liaison but James recently told mates, “I’m seeing Miranda Kerr,” and friends of the supermodel say it was no huge shock to them.

World’s most eligible bachelor? Really, Australia? Granted, his previous wife Erica was also a model, but, ahem, Leonardo…DiCaprio. I think America wins in this dick-measuring contest, folks.

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