If you’re not following model Constance Nunes on Instagram you’re doing it wrong

Every week for our “Hot on Instagram” feature we try to find a lovely gem that you may not have been aware of before. This week get ready to fall in love with Constance Nunes. Constance, who you may remember from this hot video she did with Leanna Decker for Teeny B, has been making the rounds this week on the Internet with some hot photo shoots so we figured it was time to bring her to your attention.

Constance on Instagram: @constance_nunes

She only has around 9,800 followers on Instagram which is ridiculous since of the almost 300 pics she’s shared there literally almost all of them are scaldingly hot.

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As for what we know about Constance, other than she’s “professionally really really good looking” as she says on her Instagram account, it’s not a lot since she if she’s on Twitter, we can’t find her. (Tweet at me, Constance!) However, she is on Facebook and has a profile on Model Mayhem where she says she likes drag racing, muscle cars, 80’s rock and roll, daisy duke shorts and pizza…lots of pizza. Sounds like marriage material to me.

Photos: Constance Nunes, Instagram