Nana Meriwether in her final sexy photo shoot as Miss USA

Nana Meriwether might not be the most familiar name to everyone out there, but she’s the 2012 Miss USA. And she’s very attractive. Very. Now you might be saying, “I thought Olivia Culpo was Miss USA?” Well, she was, but when she won the Miss Universe title, Nana Meriwether, the second runner-up, took over the title, and this is her final photo shoot with the crown. It’s a shame that Nana Meriwether didn’t get more attention this past year, because as you can see from this behind the scenes video she’s most worthy of the title and whoever wins the Miss USA title next month is going to have to really bring it to live up to the legacy of Nana and Olivia Culpo.

Photo credit: YouTube/Miss USA