25 GIFs salute: Your weekly tribute to hot chick GIFs

This amazing Ciara clip leads off this week’s GIFs Salute. Don’t forget to peruse this week’s anthology of the lovely Natalie Portman and our tribute to sexy housewives in the kitchen.

25 Natalie Portman is why we have GIFs

24 Giada leada our tribute to sexy women in the kitchen

23 She even takes a bow at the end

22 Pan down cameraman, pan down

21 Does Kate Hudson do anything for you?

20 When Reese Witherspoon’s not yelling at cops, she frolics in the water

19 Oh ladies

18 Where’s the rest of her dress?

17 This might give you a seizure

16 Best way to give a middle finger

15 Surprise ending

14 Deal with Khaleesi and her dragons

13 Words are coming out of her mouth

12 Amanda Bynes quite lovely when someone’s not murdering her vagina

11 Nina Agdal is good at dancing—among other things

10 Have you seen our sexy in specs gallery? Click through

9 Good news everyone, Zooey Deschanel is not the Boston Bomber

8 Randy’s Donuts looks like a fun place

7 *passes out at computer*

6 Coachella is a magical place

5 Arianny Celeste has a web show where she strips

4 Hot or not, Kelly Osbourne and I can’t believe I just asked that

3 If you got it, flaunt it?

2 This GIF leaves nothing to the imagination

1 And ranked #1 on the Guyism 100 this week, Ms. Lana Kinnear