Scarlett Johansson really did pick up random guys in a van for ‘Under the Skin’

In the movie Under the Skin Scarlett Johansson plays a sexy alien who picks up men, has sex with them and then kills them. Little did we know that Scarlett really did troll for guys in a van picking up random strangers.

First off, what?! Can you imagine walking down a road and Scarlett Johansson rolls up on you in a rape van and asks you to get in? Where do I sign up for that?

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According to The Guardian via io9

A remarkable aspect of Under the Skin is that a lot of the people who appear in it aren’t actors. They’re normal people – who happen to be walking down a road minding their own business when a pretty lady pulls up in a van alongside them and offers them a lift to Tesco and then a film crew clutching disclaimers leaps out of the back.

At what point did Glazer tell you: “Oh yes, by the way, Scarlett, we haven’t really got any other actors. We’re just going to cruise the streets and find them”? “That happened later on. And none of us knew how it was going to work. We toyed with lots of different things like prosthetics, teeth, all kinds of things that would change my face but only slightly, when in fact there was no need to do any of that.”

Even better, The Daily Mail actually talked to one of the guys Scarlett picked up…

…recalling his lucky day, said: “What man wouldn’t think, ‘Wow,’ when a good-looking woman has just pulled up in a van and comes out with something like that within minutes?”

“She said: ‘Are you single? What are you doing tonight?'”

“I thought, ‘Yes! This is unbelievable!” I’d been having quite a tough time in my personal life, so this was like a lucky break. I should have known it was too good to be true.”

If you think that part of the reason I am sharing this story with you is so I can use another photo of Scarlett Johansson’s new pregnancy boobs at the Captain America: Winter Soldier premiere and so I can relive her nude scene in Under the Skin, well, you wouldn’t be completely wrong. Still, it’s an amazing story.

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Scarlett Johansson image by Helga Esteb/Shutterstock