Seth Rogen: ‘I don’t know anyone who likes Justin Bieber’

Seth Rogen is making the rounds promoting his new movie Neighbors and this morning stopped by Today where once again the topic of Justin Bieber came up. In the interview with Matt Lauer Rogen explains why he keeps talking about Bieber and actually makes a lot of good points. Of course, anytime you slam Justin Bieber you’re a boss in our book.

“To me the idea that a grown man doesn’t like Justin Bieber is not a controversial thought,” he laughed. “Why would I? It would be much weirder if I did like Justin Bieber, to me. None of these people in this room like Justin Bieber. I can guarantee that. To me it’s amazing though, anytime something like this happens and I just say something that, very clearly a lot of people feel, and it becomes a media thing. I don’t know anyone who likes Justin Bieber.”

Seth also hilariously discussed James Franco’s nude paintings of him, saying, “I’m his muse apparently. I wish I could say I was [surprised] but there’s a point where you just stop being surprised and you’re just like ‘yeah, that’s what James likes to do.’ I don’t even ask him about it honestly… if I could inspire art, who wouldn’t be proud of that?”

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(The Bieber talk starts around the 2:40 mark.)

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