25 GIF Salute: Your weekly tribute to hot chicks in GIF

Jennifer Love Hewitt and her $5 million boobs, Melanie Iglesias and Miranda Kerr’s rear highlight this week’s edition of hot chicks in GIF.

25 Melanie Iglesias

24 Happy St. Patrick’s Day

23 The self-massage

22 Jennifer Love Hewitt and her $5 million boobs

21 Miranda Kerr’s rear is garnering lots of attention

20 Come on, nobody walks that slowly

19 This MSU CO-ED GIF is mesmerizing

18 Hot in a creepy way?

17 Alana Blanchard

16 Misa Campo loves dancing

15 Looks awfully close to #23

14 Jodie Marsh

13 Because dancing topless in the kitchen is cool

12 Cleo Pires

11 Big week for Olivia Wilde

10 Kate Bock=SI Swimsuit rookie of the year

9 How many beers would it take fellas?

8 Sexy broadcaster Charlie Webster

7 She does her best thinking in that position

6 Sarah Shahi deserved a top spot on our sexiest actress list

5 I think she has an infection or something

4 Nina Dobrev’s ‘Conan’ appearance this week wasn’t nearly as memorable

3 Feeling hot, hot, hot

2 Our favorite Upton—Caite

1 Kate Beckinsale tops our “sexiest actress in their 30’s list”