Shia LaBeouf has reportedly checked into rehab, for some reason

A new report says that Shia LaBeouf has checked into rehab because apparently he realized that normal people don’t yell at the cast during a Broadway show or tell cops, “I’ll f-ck you up.”

Oh and they don’t chase bums around trying to get their McDonald’s either. Or headbutt people at bars. Or get their ass kicked. Or fight with security guards. Or…well, you get it.

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Reports X17

We followed the actor from his Hollywood Hills home, just an hour ago, to a private facility where other stars have sought treatment — driven by someone believed to be from the rehab facility. When the car arrived at the gated drive to the center, a nurse and security guard were there to great Shia. In fact, earlier in the day when we spotted Shia in his driveway, we noticed his was carrying the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Blue Book.

Our photographer tells us: “Shia was nervous; he didn’t look good all morning. He was looking down and wasn’t even talking to his driver. It looked like he didn’t want to do it, but he knew he had to.”

They also reported that the place LaBeouf checked into is a “celebrity-frequented treatment facility in Hollywood,” which is good because those ALWAYS work and celebrities rarely suffer relapses after treatments at places like that. I’m sure this is the last we’ll ever hear about Shia LaBeouf ever being in trouble again, because those places work like…

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Shia LaBeouf Checks In To Rehab [X17]

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