So Ke$ha drank her own pee

It’s not like she could make her mouth any less kissable, really. So Ke$ha has her own reality show on MTV now, My Crazy Beautiful Life, which I will never watch because of who it’s about and what network it’s on and what it’s called. But somebody is watching it, because somebody is getting pissed off at it. This last week’s episode featured a short segment, which you can watch above, in which the pop star vents her bladder into a plastic bottle and drinks it for “health reasons,” i.e. somebody told her to. I have nothing against drinking pee. If that’s your thing, go nuts, homey. But the Parents Television Council disagrees, claiming that MTV’s airing of the segment could inspire a wave of copycat pee-imbibing among America’s youth. Uh, parents? If your kid thinks Ke$ha is a role model, you already messed them up beyond repair. A little piss isn’t going to make them any worse.