Stacy Keibler is reportedly running a little low on cash

Rumors have been swirling around that Stacy Keibler might actually be willing to go back to the WWE and professional wrestling. Why? Because she allegedly needs the money. Apparently Stacy’s new boyfriend Jared Pobre isn’t as open with his wallet (or doesn’t have as deep a one) as her ex-boyfriend George Clooney.

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According to the National Enquirer (10/14 print edition) —

“Stacy had it all [dating George Clooney],” said a pal. “Private jets, a mind-blowing wardrobe, whatever she wanted was at her beck and call.

“Since they split, Stacy’s had to give up a lot. But she still buys the best of everything and splashes out big bucks every week at the spa. She has two trainers, a health coach and private chef. She estimates she needs over $50,000 a month to support her current lifestyle. A million dollar appearance fee would cover her expenses for a year and leave enough left over for her to make a serious investment in something.”

Fifty…Thousand…Dollars…a Month? She does know that she is Stacy Keibler, right? Perhaps someone should email her a copy of her resume to remind her.

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