Tara Reid allegedly also pulled the ‘do you know who I am card’

Tara Reid allegedly pulled a Reese Witherspoon the other day using the “do you know who I am?” card in a Los Angeles store. Obviously, as we all could guess, the answer to that was “no.”

Apparently Tara thought that due to her “fame” she should have gotten a discount on some clothes she wanted to buy to wear to Coachella and the employee disagreed.

“She was screaming,” said a source. “She had to be escorted out by security. She seemed drunk.”

The trouble began when Reid — star of upcoming TV movie “Sharknado” with Ian Ziering—arrived at the Robertson Boulevard store where, a spy said, “She said she needed an outfit for Coachella.” But, the spy added, she “demanded a discount.” When the store declined, Reid insisted she deserved the break “because of her fame,” a spy said. She then “began to scream at them and was escorted out.”

According to her rep, who was there with Tara at the store, “Tara gets a huge discount with All Saints in the UK and Paris because she’s a walking billboard for them. She gets photographed . . . so they give her huge hookups. We told them we get a discount, and they said they’d email the press team.”

Uh yeah, in France they also think Jerry Lewis is the king of comedy.

Her rep also said that Tara was “definitely not drunk” and “whoever is saying that is not on Team Tara.”

Team Tara?

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