Taylor Momsen bared her ass on the new Pretty Reckless album cover

Taylor Momsen, Twitter

And not only did former Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen bare her ass on the cover the new Pretty Reckless album, she has a giant arrow running down her back pointing directly at her asscrack. Of course this is pretty much her M.O. when it comes to promoting her group’s music so the shock is kind of wearing off. Kind of.

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Now a few years ago, back when T-Mizzle was still working on Gossip Girl we would have been all stoked to find out that she was going to be doing all sorts of things naked at the age of 20, but now…now it’s just becoming such a desperate grab for attention it makes you wonder why she left a big-time TV show in the first place. Then again, she does have a pretty nice ass.

So does this beat last year’s effort?

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