The top 10 (aka sexiest) Rukus Girls of 2012

Rukus magazine is one of our favorite magazines, and if you’ve spent any time here you know exactly why. And every year they recap all of the gorgeous models that they have featured and select a Rukus Girl of the Year. I don’t know how they could possibly select one to be better than any of the others, but that’s why they make the big bucks. And this year they selected Nikita Esco! Hard to argue with their selection, but like I said, they really couldn’t have gone wrong with any of the other ladies like (pictured above) Carissa Rosario, Elena Churikova, Erika Medina, Natalie Eva Marie, Jennifer Nukul, Siray Kong, Lily Figuera, Rose Suiza, or Claire Sinclair.

And if you think this is good, you need to check out the rest of this issue.

Photo credit: Rukus