Victoria Justice was hacked, phone pics leaked

Victoria Justice says that her phone was stolen and someone leaked pictures from it. Normally this would be great news for her fans, right? Well… On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being lame and 10 being Vanessa Hudgens, these photos are about a 2.

Says Victoria

My phone was stolen & some1 leaked this. Wasn’t meant 2 be “sexy”, I took it as a joke cuz I look like an 80’s aerobics instructor.

I would never post a picture of myself like that. I’m not taking this lightly & I will find out who stole my private property.

Hacking & stealing is NOT COOL. #RespectPeoplesPersonalProperty #Karma

You can see the pictures here if you really want to, but trust me, the pictures I shared above of Victoria Justice are about 10 times hotter.

She also conveniently mentioned around this time that she has a new album coming out this year.

Someone needs to pull Victoria Justice aside and teach her how to do this properly. I wonder if Rihanna or Ashley Greene or Blake Lively or, well, you get it, are available?

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