The 100 Best College Bars for Bros

The following pages will chronicle what we’ve deemed the best 50 college Bro bars in the country–establishments frequented by only the finest of our species. If you’re into weird internet fettishes like backtracking, you can view numbers 50-100 here. Proceed either way with hopes and/or recollections of the boldest nights, and the most pitifully admirable memories. These are the places where it all happens, for better or for worse better.

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(#49) “The Missouri Bar”: Harpo’s

School: University of Missouri
Claim to Fame: Place Goes BIG

HUGE cups, huge bar. Bar indoors and an obscene patio with a second bar. Lots of liquor, $1 appetizers, decent amount of females, filled with your fellow Bros, you’re definitely going to have a good time.


(#48) That Sh*tty Beantown Excellence: Punter’s Pub

School: Northeastern
Claim to Fame: Old Man Steve, Serving Window

If there’s one thing Punter’s is always good for, it’s that the place will never apologize for being itself. A constant stream of good music (jukebox) and cheap bud light pitchers, this Northeastern haunt has established itself as a dive with a persona thats really just fits.

All in all, a place that serves pizza and chicken wings through a back window is a place worthy of unquestioned Bro-ness.


(#47) Good Old Bros, Whisky and Rye: Beechmont Tavern

School: Iona
Claim to Fame: Don Maclean Inspiration

Bro Fact: At one point this bar was known as “The Levee”. The Song American Pie actually refers to this bar in its prime, “Drove my chevy to the Levee, but the Levee was dry.”

This bar continues to be a home for hot girls and cheap beers.


(#46) Stinking Cheap, Stinking Drunk: Monday’s

School: University of Wisconsin
Claim to Fame: Debatably Mixed Drinks (STRONG)

We’ve heard stories upon stories about Monday’s, many of which have been fuzzy, hazy, and all err along the fast track to instant liver cirrhosis. Although we’ve tried to exclude external reviews across the board, this Yelp review was way too good not share:


“The bar is beyond a dive. It is a black out bar.
So, you only have ten dollars and you want to kill your feelings with
booze .. what do you do ? You go to Mondays.
This bar has the strongest drinks I have ever had. Serious.
They do not screw around here. In my Madison days, this bar was a member of the black out triangle, a three bar grouping guaranteed to make you regret your night the next day.
The three dollar rails are a glass of booze with a splash of mixer.

Here is my Haiku,
Mondays has killed me.
My soul is beyond damaged.
Dark. Tell me she’s cute.

Talent Level: Very hammered sorority girls. “Good Girls” avoid this bar like the plague.”


(#45) Party on Freret St.: The Palms

School: Tulane
Claim to Fame: Raging (and sweaty) dance floor

NEW ORLEANS BABY! It is hard to describe such a place in writing. This is a bar you need to see for yourself. Drinking is a lifestyle for the people of New Orleans and this bar embodies that to a T. You will get Mardi Gras drunk and have no problems finding smokeshows in this area.


(#44) Making Your Mark on South Beach: Tavern in the Grove

School: FIU, The U
Claim to Fame: Beach Bound, Beach Bods

An awesome dive bar known for their $7 pitchers, considerable talent, and your typical hole in the wall features such as those questionable yet awesome bathroom carvings. A place you’ll grow to love.

“Tuesday and Thursday Nights..ask any student at either UM or FIU, They will tell you anything you want to know….probably not because they blacked out the night before.” — J Love


(#43) A Midwestern Must: Grandmas Sports Garden

School: University of Minnesota (Duluth)
Claim to Fame: All-around superstar

The Garden is the place to go if you’re looking to have a good time in Duluth. Cheap drinks, tons of girls, and a great dance floor are all amenities of any Bro Bar, and the Garden does all of these right. Frequent live concerts are the frosting on the icy Bulldog cake.


(#42) Jersey Trashed: The Golden Rail Irish Pub

School: Rutgers
Claim to Fame: Live Music, Rutgers’ Best Sports Bar


(#41) A Real “Idiot Box”: The IB

School: SUNY Geneseo
Claim to Fame: Central Campus Hot Mess Meeting Spot

“Easiest place to hook up with sloots this side of the Mississippi,” says our Geneseo Bro source. Geneseo is small (and by small I mean tiny), but the IB makes it easy to distinguish where all the college life goes after parties.

$1 mixed drinks on Hardcore Thursday ain’t so bad either. And neither is Carl.


(#40) Where ‘Cuse Gets Juiced: Lucy’s Retired Surfer’s Bar

School: Syracuse
Claim to Fame: Fishbowl Drinks w/ multiple large straws, conducive to Instagram Pics that are very easy to make fun of

Contrary to what the name may indicate, there are no creepy old dudes with long hair, tanktops, and too many earrings. There are only young Frat Bros and Srat babes, and a nice toasty rage den. Says our ‘Cuse source, “The bartenders are fast in serving drinks and yes It’s definitely a little small, but it makes dancing that much more fun!”


(#39) A Hidden Gem: Murphys Sports Bar

School: Marquette University
Claim To Fame: Murphy’s 21 Club, ‘Beerfest’

A Catholic school in Wisconsin, Marquette University may not initially appear like the Ultimate Bro Destination. “Murphs” however, certainly doesn’t mess around.

Marquette’s premier college bar is perhaps best known for its 21st birthday rituals, during which a newly legal drinker will receive a celebratory “Birthday Shot,” complete with an “I Turned 21 At Murphy’s Irish Pub” T-shirt. Murphs also hosts a Beer Pong League on Thursdays, and is home to Marquettes annual ‘Beerfest,’ where over 20 teams compete in 6 different events to determine Marquette’s best drinkers.

“The famous mug club is why Playboy once called it the best college bar, great Djs and hot girls everywhere. If you are looking for a place to grind on chicks or just hit on them at the bar, Murphs is your place,  it finds the perfect balance between club and pub, while encouraging you to get as drunk as possible…If you are looking for the ultimate Bro Bar, don’t count out the Catholic schools, because Murphy’s represents.” — Theo


(#38) Every Night Is Special: Campus Bar & Grill (Tweez)

School: University of Missouri
Claim to Fame: Tremendous Happy Hours, tremendous every hour

“Thursday Nights. 75 cent Triple Wells that everyone flocks too. Tons of hot sorority women everywhere. TV’s everywhere to see any game; which is great for all day Sunday Funday Ragers ($1 dollar burgers, $1 fries, $5 pitchers of beer). Every night there is a special.” — The Lax Guy


(#37) Drenched in Booze, Victory: The Swamp Restaurant

School: University of Florida
Claim to Fame: Namesake

The Swamp is named for its close proximity to the legendary Florida field. In May 2011, Playboy Magazine (you may have heard of it) named the alcohol demolition site the best college bar in the country.

If you go to The University of Florida, there’s a decent chance you’ve been to this joint too many times to count. This bar is home to the die-hard Gator fans, which is pretty much everyone in this area. Notable features includes it’s impressive collection of sports memorabilia, and a solid front patio that takes advantage of the steamy Gainesville weather.


(#36) The Perfect Dive Bar: Maggies Neighborhood Bar & Grill

School: Emory
Claim to Fame: Stayin’ True to the Neighborhood

A rollicking time. Beer is cheap, TV’s are everywhere you look. While the setup makes it easy for the bartenders to douchify the place, they’re actually great people. Pool tables and beer pong are a nice caveat. Overall, it’s one of those spots that doesn’t insist upon itself, making it a GREAT dive bar.


(#35) The Old Stomping Grounds: The Wagon Wheel Cafe

School: Kansas University
Claim to Fame: Hallowed Gameday Mainstay

The finest of our Lawrence spots, Wagon Wheel is one for tradition–and therefore, everlasting memories.

“Every time College Gameday makes it way through Lawrence they all stop at The Wheel and get a Wang burger. They constantly reference the wheel when showing KU Bball highlights as well…This is where the fraternal stomping grounds and have been for decades.” — Bobby


(#34) Perfectly Sloppy: Zuma Grill

School: Arizona State
Claim to Fame: Where You’ll Live Out Your Greatest Daze

This is the quintessential college dive bar. Cheap food, cheap drinks and cheap girls (It’s ASU, afterall). It’s not a “first date” type bar (Ed. Note: OBVIOUSLY), but if you want to get smacked with your Bros for cheap, this is the place.


(#33) The Hottest Bar in Knoxville: Cool Beans

School: University of Tennessee
Claim to Fame: “food, fun, beer, drinks, fun, shots, pool, darts, fun, beer pong, games, fun, sports, music, fun.”

“Cool Beans is the tits,” says a Knoxville Bro. Food is good, drinks are good, and times are timeless. No better place to find yourself at 2 in the morning than this college bar on the Tennessee strip.

The SUNDAY FUNDAYs, which feature happy hour specials all day, are also rather enjoyable.


(#32) Always A Smart Choice: The Village Idiot Pizza & Pub

School: University of South Carolina
Claim to Fame: Beer, Pizza, and other manly sh*t

Home of the infamous Michael Phelps getting ice-bucketed, as shown here. In other news, a straight up great time. The Happy Hour specials are obscene, and include $1.00 slices, .40 cent wings, and $3 pitchers of Rolling Rock.

“Cheap pitchers, pizza, slams for days, and if you’re looking to take a shot at striking up a convo with Ms. Delaware, this is usually where you’ll find her…” — Sean


(#31) “It’s Always a Good Time”: Westwood Brewing Company

School: UCLA
Claim to Fame: The Premier Place to get “White Girl Wasted”

If you get FRAT star wasted at this joint, you will find yourself doing karaoke on stage. A solid bar through and through, two levels, and cool outdoor area, and a back room where an open mic night may play host the worst stand-up comedy in all of Los Angeles. Miraculously, most Brew Co. patrons are too drunk to really give a sh*t.

Sidenote: The writer of this post once lost his wallet here. Yes, sick Bro.


(#30) Study Time: The Library

School: Ole Miss
Claim to Fame: Great Football Hangout, Greater Victory Party

Filled with a wide variety of die-hard Rebels, The Lib is one of the more unique college bar experiences a Bro could find.

“The name is of this bar is awesome enough.  Best college bar in the country. Great bartenders, and crazy nights filled with southern bells” — Tylor


(#29) The Party School Brings The Party: Indigo

School: Penn State
Claim To Fame: #SweatSexRage Palace

It may be young, but it’s already established itself as a serious Brotender.Indigo runs more like a club, meaning that if you’re looking to get nasty on the dance floor, this is the place to be. A night here, and you’ll be #winning.

All in all, the Kevin Durant of college bars.


(#28) Literally, All You Can Drink: Craigs

School: Loyola (MD)
Claim to Fame: Craig’s Fest

Among other things, Craigs is home of the bi-annual  “Craig’s Fest”. What is “Craig’s Fest” you ask?

  • Students pay $30 dollars to drink all the Miller Lite they can between the hours of 12 p.m. to 9 p.m.
  • You must be 21 to enter, because Craigs is a bar that serves alcohol, which is something that has never been consumed by people under 21
  • This event, as you can imagine, is a can’t miss event for Loyola College students. It gets rowdy beyond belief.


(#27) Fratting Hard: Cain & Abel’s

School: UT (Austin)
Claim to Fame: Texas Tea

Cain & Abel’s is a tried and true Greek hangout, rather well known for its ability to hold a remarkably large amount of blacked out Longhorns. Because of its rep as the UT college bar cops tend to post up across the street… but think of the stories, Bro! The place is also known for their vicious Texas Tea, which is an intro level course in how to be hungover:

Texas Tea Recipe

1/2 fluid ounce vodka

1/2 fluid ounce amber rum
1/2 fluid ounce gold tequila
1/2 fluid ounce triple sec liqueur
1/4 cup sweet-and-sour cocktail mix
1/4 cup cola-flavored carbonated beverage
1 wedge lemon
1 wedge lime

(#26) An American Classic: The Virginian

School: University of Virginia
Claim to Fame: Unwavering Commitment Drinking ‘Merican

“Filled to the brim Thursday-Saturday and the bourbon never stops flowing. “Proud to be an American” plays just about every night. My best night there was on September 10, 2011. At midnight there was a moment of silence while shots of Bourbon were poured for everyone at the bar. Lee Greenwood’s classic faded in and everyone inside belted it out while the bartenders stood on the bar and waved American flags. Of course this was followed by the obligatory USA chant.” — Andrew


(#25) Nashville Brash: Tin Roof

School: Vanderbilt
Claim to Fame: Live Music, Great Crowd

After telling a well-trusted Vandy friend about this undertaking, he responded by saying “[Tin Roof] is pretty the most perfect f*cking college bar out there.” Praise much?

Tin Roof is widely considered the most popular Vanderbilt bar, always filled with hot Vandy chicks and even some hot Nash’ Trash. Inexpensive shots and pitchers. Live band every night playing your favorite old school jams, its certainly a tough place to top.


(#24) Pies of Good Times: The Grotto At Capone’s

School: Western Michigan
Claim to Fame: Hand-tossed pizza, 24 beers on tap

Their Chicago-style pizza is the stuff of legend. The rage sauce isn’t too bad either. Testimonial:

“Dollar beer fridays, $3 call it tuesdays, half off Sunday…hop skip and a jump from Fraternity Village. Everything a girl [Ed. Note: and therefore a Bro] could wish for.” — I.M.P.R


(#23) A Tale of Two Pavlovs: Pavlov’s

School: University of South Carolina
Claim to Fame: Cheap drinks, legendary patio

First, an excerpt from a good samaritan over at Yelp:

Constantly full of fratboys & douchebags. If you’ve been looking for a good place to get punched in the face by a quarterback with an ego way larger than his dick, you would start at Pavlov’s.

Promising. Now, for our source:

“Our first night in SC we asked the Cabbie to take us to the best bar in town, and he brought us here. Fast lines and they weren’t too douchey at the door. The drinks are incredibly inexpensive. You can get a couple of beers and 1 or 2 harder drinks for under $20. There’s an outdoor patio, and when the weather’s nice, so are the ladies..”


(#22) Bros Will Be Bros: It’s Brothers

School: University of Illinois
Claim to Fame: Outrageous Saturday Night Drink Specials

Saturday nights at “It’s” is an experience that will make you want to drop everything you’re doing, and immediately enroll at the University of Illinois. Drinks (and when we say drinks, we mean any alcoholic beverage you can think of) are an insane $1 for the entire night. For all the beers pounded, the dance floor ends up being a pretty crazy time.

If you’re ever wishing for one of those “let’s overlook the balcony because we’re that awesome, Sean Parker & Mark Zuckerberg in that ‘Social Network’ Scene,” It’s is the place to do it. The second floor offers a nice “I’m the f*cking man” view of the debauchery below, giving Bros that irrational confidence factor that’ll eventually help them close a much hotter babe.

One thing to note however, It’s is notorious for not being completely dark—creeping is thus made more difficult, ensuring that true talent wins out every time.


(#21) Food, Drink, Drunk: Chuck’s

School: Syracuse
Claim to Fame: Being better than your college bar

A hole-in-the-wall that will get you drunk enough that you may end up putting a hole in the wall. ‘Cuse may get cold, but Chuck’s always brings the heat.

“Cheap drinks. Hot Syracuse girls. You know most of the people at the bar. Many TVs. Packed on the weekends. What more could you want?” — Chris


(#20) Where Greatness Lives On: He’s Not Here

School: UNC Chapel Hill
Claim To Fame: Michael Jordan Urban Legends

A UNC mainstay, “He’s Not” faced an uncertain future earlier this year. Yet, as per any worthy Bro Bar, its future is now secured, and it looks to be as rowdy as ever.

Accounts differ on the meaning of the name, though all of the versions I heard spun a tale of people calling and asking whether someone—Michael Jordan, James Taylor—was at the bar. The answer, the story went, was always “He’s Not Here.” According to a Chapel Hill News interview with co-owner David Kitzmiller, neither story was true. Instead, it was a line from a bartender in an old movie.

“Where else can you get 32 oz craft beers for 5 bucks, where Michael Jordan bartended and Lawrence Taylor signed his NFL contract?”  — Joey


(#19) Giant Bar, Giant Party: Bent Willey’s

School: West Virginia
Claim to Fame: Mega-Club, Largest Light Show in West Virginia

This. bar. is. HUGE.

A multi-level palace with seven different bars and two patios, it’s pretty tough to beat Bent Willey’s. Featuring different rooms playing different music—including those great throwbacks, mid-level “ooohh I haven’t heard this song in forever,” and the most recent bangers—raging at this Bro-stablishment is possible not matter what type of mood you’re in.

For those nights you and the bros just want to dominate the dance floor and drink heavily, this is your place.


(#18) Not Your Grandma’s Bar: Mary Ann’s

School: Boston College
Claim to Fame: Catholic School, Sinful Bar

Complex Magazine summed it up pretty perfectly by saying “Is a great place to take a date—if you want to ditch her and hang with a bunch of drunken degenerates.”

This bar is self-proclaimed itself the “Worst Bar” in Boston and it has done so because, well, it can. Mary Ann’s understands the one most important thing to broke college students trying to get drunk: CHEAP DRINKS.

We were also threatened with “not being Bro enough” had will failed to include Mary Ann’s. You f*cking people, you.


(#17) The ‘It’ College Bar: The Sea Grape

School: Fairfield University
Claim to Fame: Dreaming Big, Partying Bigger

Says a Fairfield Bro, “This bar is home to those who live right on beach. Great place to go hang out with friends on the weekend. Everyone from school goes.”

If that isn’t a recipe for racking up collegiate YOLO points, I don’t know what is. Not to mention, the Grape has recently come under new management, who are supposedly devoted to making this place one of the greater college bars to ever set foot in America. Foam Parties and Halloween bashes are in this place’s future, and it’s a bright one indeed.


(#16) Trojan Swag All Day, All Night: The 901 Bar & Grill

School: USC
Claim to Fame: THE USC Bar

SC’s social scene is predominantly run through its strong Greek presence, though when the parties wind down the 9-0 is the place to be. Right off Frat Row, this bar—really the only one in the USC area—gets down to business. Drinks are STRONG, the LA girls are busy being total smokes, and the Cardinal and Gold fights on through the night.


(#15) Dance on Top, Drink Under, Tables: Knight Library

School: University of Central Florida
Claim to Fame: Diehard Fans, Diehard Knights

Says a UCF Bro, “Knight Library is the ultimate college bar. It’s the bar where not only can you crush drinks, but you also crush young slams who are always down to get down.”

Another homie felt it necessary to list every night’s drink specials. Obviously this brings with it essence of skepticism. After looking at these bad boys however, they encourage just the sort of guzzling that comes to make memorable nights into…you can figure it out.

Knight Library is the go-to bar for the second largest university in the country. UCF students pack the house on a nightly basis and take full advantage of the insane drink deals listed below. What’s not to love?SUNDAY

Theme: Karaoke!
Drink: $1 Drafts, $2 Wells & Shots
Cover: $5
Theme: Mondays
Drink: Free Drinks & Drafts Til 12 / $2 Shots til 12
Cover: $5 Girls, $7 Guys, U21 $10
Theme: Country Tuesdays!
Drink: $1 Whiskey Shots, $2 Drinks, $2 Bud and Bud Lights, & $5 Pitchers All Night / Country Music
Cover: $5 Girls, $7 Guys, $10 under 21
Theme: RIOT Wednesdays!
Drink: Free Drinks & Bottled Beer til 12 / Happy Hour 4-7pm – $1 Margaritas & 1/2 Priced Quesadillas
Cover: $8 Everyone / U21 Guys $10
Theme: Free Drink Thursdays
Drink: Free Wells, Calls (Smirnoff, Sailor Jerry, Bacardi, Soco, etc.) / Coors Light Drafts Til 12
Cover: $7 / U21 Guys $10
Theme: Fridays
Drink: Happy Hour – Free Beer – $5 Cover / Tonight Free Drinks & Coors Light Drafts Til 12 / $2 Shots til 12
Cover: Tonight – $8 Everyone / U21 Guys $10
Theme: Saturday Night
Drink: 2-4-1 Everything
Cover: $5

-Jeremy R.

Loyalty makes turns a good bar into a great bar, and judging by our reader response, the Knight Library doesn’t f*ck around.


(#14) Getting Sh*tfaced, Presidential Style: The Sink

School: University of Colorado (Boulder)
Claim To Fame: General “Sinkness,” Barack Obama

“No one leaves the Sink completely – it stays with you in memories and emotions. It has certain Sinkness to it, and therein lies our story.”

At any bar, one’s fate–be it buying shots for your boys, or impressing a slam with a surprise Vodka Soda–lies in the hands of the bartenders. At “The Stink”, your fate will always rest in solid hands.

The one and only OBAMA has made an appearance at this bar (he gave it two presidential thumbs up). During his visit, he got yogurt spilled on him by some chick–to which he replied “Getting yogurt on the president, you’ve got a story to tell.” What a Bro.


(#13) Hawking Rage: Brick Street

School: Miami (OH)
Claim to Fame: “Beat the Clock”

We’ve heard from time to time that the Red Hawks don’t mind gettin’ sloppy. Brick Street, the mecca of Miami of Ohio partying, certainly channels the school’s excessive tendencies.

Unlike some of the other bars on this list, Brick Street is most certainly no hole in the wall. Featuring a giant badass “Over 21” balcony that overlooks the best of the bar, Brick Street has been known to host throwdowns of epic proportions. Highlights include a wealth of bars, a GREAT dance floor, and the famed “Beat the Clock,” which goes down every Friday and Saturday.


(#12) ‘The Epitome of a College Bar’: Ken’s Tavern

School: Florida State
Claim to Fame: “Best Dive Bar for 45 Years and Counting”

The predominantly Greek bar is known for its sake bombs, lovingly sticky floors, and a penchant for “Sweet Caroline.”

“Whenever someone reminisces on an epic weekend in Tallahassee, chances are at some point they will reference Ken’s Tavern. Whether it’s Saturday night after a big game, or a regular “Thirsty Thursday’s”, Ken’s Tavern is the epitome of a college bar. With an exceptional music selection, combined with an enforced dress code (No sagging), cheap drinks and of course a barrage of attractive women, Ken’s is a safe haven for any Bro.” — John R.


(#11) Wisco Gets Weird: The Kollege Klub

School: University of Wisconsin (Madison)
Claim to Fame: Jersey-Chasing Heaven

A haven for athletic-minded folks in particular, this place is simply just “the bees knees.” A night at the Kollege Klub is a must on the collegiate bucket list of any true Bro, and a Badger tells us why:

“The Kollege Klub (KK) is the best bar in Madison by far. The mixture of Bros, athletes, and slam-pieces is insane. The atmosphere can range from chill pre-game spot in the afternoon to insane blackout and late night hook-up spot near bar close. By far the most fun bar I’ve ever been in.” — Kyle A.


(#10) You’ll Get Your Fill: R.J Bentley’s Filling Station

School: University of Maryland (College Park)
Claim to Fame: Smells like (College Park) Spirit

Says one Maryland Bro, “[It’s a] sh*thole, but the amount of sexy sorority girls and athletes that go there is the most I’ve seen on a campus.” Undoubtedly “Bro as f*ck,” Bentley’s certainly knows how to attract its clientele. Featuring super hot bartenders from UMD itself, it’s nearly impossible for the best talent not to end up here.

Like any other bar, Bentley’s also has quite the alcohol soaked aroma. It has been the butt of many jokes, as seen here.


(#9) A Second Home: Wibs Bar

School: Shippensburg University
Claim to Fame: Bro Loyalty, Perfect Atmosphere

Wibs cracks the top 10 for the obscene amount of submissions we received from the Bros in deep Pennsylvania. Down to party every day of the week (the most innocuous of college drinking days, Monday, features half price drinks, shots, and five dollar pitchers), it’s the fandom factor that makes Wibs one of the best college bars in the country. All in all, this is more than just a place to spend your weekends at.

“Wibs is everyone in Ships second home. Drinks are cheap, girls are Hott, atmosphere is an 11/10, the DJs are awesome and there is always sh*t goin down!!!” — Kyle S.


(#8) Where Frat-letes Go to Regret Their Mornings: Shooters

School: Duke University
Claim to Fame: Being Shooters

Shooters blew up as a nationally recognized Bro spot after Karen Owen’s notorious f*ck list chronicled many tales of jersey chasing at this Duke bar. Shooters always has, and likely always will, be “the place” for Duke’s frattier upperclassmen, who spend every Wednesday and Saturday night here.

This bar has a mechanical bull, big dance floor, and a dance cage. Oh, and did we mention hot chicks love all three of these? After 12 o’clock, this is where you want to be.


(#7) Wolverine Wasted: Scorekeepers Bar and Grille  (Skeeps)

School: University of Michigan (Ann Arbor)
Claim to Fame: Nationally Recognized Rage and Slopfest

Skeeps has made a name for itself well outside the confines of Ann Arbor. A bar that manages to fit the high (or depending how you think of it, low) standards of one of the nation’s premier party schools. Skeeps is big enough to hold the hordes of frat and sorority houses that visit regularly, has terraced levels, and the circular bar is well designed as to maximize both the space and the inevitable stories.

WARNING: This bar is so well known for its amount of hot chicks and drunken fun nights, so don’t be surprised to be faced with a killer line, even on a seemingly innocuous Wednesday.


(#6) NOLA Has No Limit: The Boot

School: Tulane University
Claim to Fame: Wednesday “Big Ass Draughts,” Open until SIX AM

Many a collegiate Bro likely ended up here (whether they knew it or not) sometime during their Mardi Gras visit. One crazy weekend in February however, simply does not do this place justice.

Right off campus, this place is a staple of college life at Tulane. With its killer drink specials, The Boot guarantees you a night of blacking out. You should check this bar out on it’s 50 cent beer nights they have every week and you will understand why it is #6 on our bro list.

Again, the city of New Orleans is nice enough to let the bar stay until six in the morning. First let that sink in, then try to accomplish the not impossible, but really f*cking difficult.


(#5) Tuscaloosa Trashed: Gallettes

School: University of Alabama
Claim to Fame: Where Dreams Are Made and Heroes Are Born

Tuscaloosa is a town known for its Championships. Gallettes is no different.

If you’re not familiar with Gallettes a quick visit to their Facebook page should clear matters up quite well. Known for “Drinkin, Chasin’ Women, Music” Gallettes isn’t a place to go for the casual beer or two. You’re gonna put up or shut up at this SEC establishment. And either way, you’re gonna put down quite a few.


(#4) Popped Collars, Shots, and Ballers: Rhino Bar and Pumphouse

School: Georgetown University
Claim to Fame: Dingy Debauchery, Sports and Shots, Talent and more Talent

Despite being an undeniable Bro haven, Georgetown does not have any “official” Greek life presence. This means that Hoya nation’s finest often take their talents to the corner of 33rd and M St., a place filled with a cataclysmic combination of Northeastern Prep, Mid-Atlantic lax swag, and a constant flow of liquor mixed with maxed out credit card tabs. The upstairs–which often features the finest talent from Georgetown as well as GW–is an unrelenting cave of darkness whose flair for the sloppy make out is second to none.

Among other things, Rhino has long been a hangout of Georgetown’s Basketball and Lacrosse teams.

“This bar is nuts. There are no frats at Georgetown so this is the bar the everyone walks to to rage. It gets really wild and weird, in a good way.” — Bryan P.


(#3) Where Everyone Gets “Railed”: Top of the Stairs (TOTS)

School: Virginia Tech
Claim to Fame: “The Rail”

“Always packed with Bros and Slampieces. They’re the only bar in Blacksburg to charge a cover but despite that they’re still packed every night. They only charge the cover because they can. Drink of choice is called a Rail, which is pretty much one shot of every rail liquor and some sour mix. One of these and your feeling great, two of them and your rule the dance floor, three of them and you’re gonna shit your pants. They have huge Fraternity signs all over they’re lower bar too. Single handedly made tuesday a drinking night at VT with TOTS Tuesday.” — Mike C

“This place has 3 bars, 1 huge one inside as well as 2 outside. Large deck/patio area to hang out on and then an entire area downstairs (outside) to play cornhole, drink, etc. Not only that but the owner knew exactly who to cater towards. All the major fraternities have signs put on the walls downstairs and many fraternities even have special nights where brothers get free beer, etc.” — Greg A.

“What a bro can expect on any given night at TOTS: to hang with beautiful ladies and future, current, and/or ex-professional athletes (NFL Hall-of-Famer Bruce Smith has been known to mingle amongst the crowd); karaoke inside and live music on a great deck area outside; and to slam a few Rails (their signiture alcoholic beverage that contains all of the liquors on the rail, hence the name, but yet tastes good enough to poor straight down your gullet). Consider that a warning on the overconsumption of The Rail.” — T.E


(#2) Get Ugly, Early: Harry’s Chocolate Shop

School: Purdue
Claim to Fame: Traditions that outlast traditions

To explain Harry’s, we have yet another potpourri of testimonals. All of which are scarily obsessed with the basically immortal Purdue establishment:

“Established in 1919, Harry’s is Purdue’s oldest and most traditional bar. The bar’s motto “GO UGLY EARLY” is rumored to have been the password for entrance to the bar during prohibition, and the bar’s traditional Great Indoorsman challenge requires one to stay in the bar from 11am to 3am while consuming at least one drink per hour (the drinking part isn’t so bad, but rather the fact that Harry’s has no place to shit makes this task very difficult).

As soon as you walk in the door you are greeted by a signed picture of Ron Jeremy nestled among a sea of Purdue greats (Neil Armstrong, Gene Keady, John Wooden, and Brian “The Custodian” Cardinal). Hell, even Robbie Hummel (Purdue’s most recent NBA draft pick) chose Harry’s as his cure to a heartbreaking loss against Kansas in March this year.” –Patrick B

“As someone who has traveled to various other Universities across the country, I for one, can say that Harry’s stands out as the GREATEST college bar that I have EVER been to. The drinks are the strongest, the music is the best, and the atmosphere is heavenly. Harry’s is full of rich tradition and is the go to establishment for all students and alumni. There is nothing like throwing down a few baltimore zoos and a pitcher of Old Style in the upstairs “Fish Bowl” seating area.” — Matt S.


(#1) America’s Best College Bar for Bros: Kilroy’s Sports Bar

School: Indiana University
Claim to Fame: Undisputed Bro Champion of the World

When you’re a college bar that’s also ranked as the 39th-highest grossing bar in America (note that nearly every other higher ranked establishment is either a Vegas, L.A., New York, or Miami nightclub) chances are you’re doing EVERYTHING right. Kilroy’s tops our list for pretty much all the reasons every other bar made the cut. Except that they’re now all combined, forming some sort of super-monster of all that is Bro.

Featuring two floors, six massive bars, a legendary patio, two-dollar Tuesdays, three-dollar Thursdays, solid food, a gameday hotspot, a nighttime hotter spot, great bartenders, and a sister bar next door, there’s really nothing else that comes close. “What happens in Kilroys stays in Kilroys,” and then gets raved about to the entire country. Hoosiers have always been pretty into getting hammered, and this is one of the bigger reasons why.

All in all, one Hoosier summed it up best: “Simply put, it’s the best bar for Bros.”