The 20 Most 4:20 Friendly College Campuses in the U.S.

It is about the atmosphere, the people, and the drugs. Whoops. I meant the extra-curricular activities that may or may not occur behind closed doors.

College should be a place to enjoy growing up and learning about yourself. It should be a place to explore what life has to offer. So why not dive into the colleges across the US that are the most 4:20 friendly?

It’s not like you have to worry about Colorado or Washington, pot is legal over there. So naturally we might be looking at a crap ton of Universities from said states on this list.

Instead of talking about it, let’s get this thing going already. There are bowls that need to be filled and papers that need to be rolled. Leggo! 

Each college was ranked using research, current events, and also average rankings from prior lists compiled by The Princeton Reivew, High Times, The Weed Blog

20. Sarah Lawrence College

A Co-Ed Liberal Arts college in the middle of the woods in New York? This school has a reputation for trying to be more hip than an LA night club so most students try and toke their ways into being most popular. The good news for males is that this college is about 75% female. And you know what most women want to do when they are baked, right?

19. University of Texas 


Austin, Texas has been at the forefront of marijuana legalization. The only thing slowing the city from becoming a legit one stop pot shop is Texas itself. There is no state more tightly wound up and conservative than the Republican filled Texas. If legalizing pot would get someone elected in Texas, it would be legal yesterday.

18. Guilford College

The Guilford administration doesn’t want to make these lists anymore. Probably why they keep making these lists. Apparently they want to have their names removed from any mention of marijuana. I have some bad news for the admins of Guilford, you have so much pot on your grounds it might be smarter to start taxing it instead of outlawing it. 

17. Ithaca College

Number 6 explains it all. If you had ten fingers and could only name one person that didn't toke up at Ithaca, I would say you don't get out much. And now that Ithaca has equalized the regulations between alcohol and marijuana, you can get in just as much trouble drinking as you can smoking. Small victory for the small college. 

Also, according to High Times, “on the campus level, the Ithaca College SSDP (Students for Sensible Drug Policy) worked to get a “medical amnesty” policy for alcohol and other drugs signed by their college president. SSDPers at Ithaca have been doing everything they can to advance statewide medical-marijuana legislation in New York.”

16. University of Florida


When the athletes at the University of Florida get suspended for failing drug tests, multiple times, you can imagine the outcry from students over the issue of pot smoking. Students don't seem to care what anyone says, if they want to roll, they are going to roll. It is a revolution that has helped climb Florida to 16th in the rankings.

15. West Virginia University

West Virginia University has plenty of options for students including the ability to smoke plenty of bud. My favorite line of the article is the first one, “In Morgantown drug paraphernalia is more accessible than a Happy Meal.” Touche.

14. Colorado College 

We should probably just make a list of the top colleges in Colorado now that marijuana is legal in the state. It simply amazes me that once you legalize something, the demand goes down. Shocking to see but don't you worry, Colorado has plenty more Universities that have climbed up this list.

13. Bard College

In 2008, a professor at Bard was busted with growing pot plants, 16 to be precise. In my experience, when professor's are growing pot, they are also dealing it to the students. How else you think he can afford that brand new VW Beetle or Eco-Friendly Hybrid?

12. UC Santa Barbara

California, marijuana, and the Pacific Ocean. That's like someone asking you if you want to sleep with Megan Fox and Jennifer Lawrence on a bed of roses, while high.

11. Hampshire College

Of all the research I have done for this article, the only reasons I keep seeing for Hampshire is that there is nothing else to do there besides smoke up. Literally, that is how this school continues to make the lists of most pot friendly campuses in the US. Boredom.

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10. Ohio Wesleyan University

Ohio Wesleyan is located in Delaware, Ohio and has a student body made up of mostly women (around 55%) and pot users (29%) It isn't a tough choice but when 30% of the student body is high as giraffe ass, this school has top ten written all over it.

9. University of Vermont

A lot of friends of mine hail from Vermont so I can attest that marijuana is very easy to come across on campus. I am not admitting to anything except if you stand by the door in the back of one of the buildings on campus and clap four times, someone might magically appear with a happy bag of the best grass you have ever seen. It has even been reported that 44% of the students smoke pot. 

8. Skidmore College

As far back as I can find, Skidmore has been ranked among the top campuses in the US for pot use. They were once ranked as high as number one. But sadly, for some, the last decaded hasn't been as kind as college had skidded it's way down the rankings. See what I did there?

7. University of Washington

Now that pot is legal in Washington, stopping students from toking up will be a thing of the past. It is only a matter of time before this campus climbs to the top of the rankings when research finds that nearly 90% of the student body smokes a bowl before class. You will see. Just keep on watching.

6. University of Oregon


The University of Oregon belongs on this list for one reason, the athletes have no problem admitting that this school is full of marijuana users. That makes this a clear choice.

5. Eckerd College

No one knows about Eckerd besides those that have once tasted the bud of the land. Marijuana has kept Eckerd on the map. Without it, this school would have becoming nothing more than a barren wasteland of boring artsy fartsy type college kids.

4. New College of Florida

This College is made for stoners. No grades, no classes, and the right to own your own dinosaur, if you live off campus. This school lets you create instead of fall in line. Pot loves this place. In fact, a Sarasota Police Department spokesperson once said, “Marijuana is against the law, but we are allowed to handle it internally.”

3. UC Santa Cruz

Ask me where the Grateful Dead archives are located and I shall answer McHenry Library at UC Santa Cruz. This photo represents why UC Santa Cruz is one of the top pot friendly campuses in the US. It was taken on 4:20 during a pot party that rivals Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

2. Colorado State University

Sure, you won't find too many people admitting to pot usage at Colorado State, yet. But give it some time and you will see a rise that I already predicted now that weed is legal in Colorado. 

1. University of Colorado-Boulder


Marijuana shouldn't cause a campus to shut down like University of Colorado-Boulder has prepared to do this year. And this won't be the first time they have had to shut down the school to prevent crowds of people smoking and having a good time on campus. They did the same thing last year too. When you have to shut down a school for one entire weekday because of the onslaught of pot, you deserve every accolade I shall grant you and that is why you have made the top of my list.

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