This 90-Year-Old Just Collected His Fourth College Degree

Probably not. You're also not Wally Taibleson. Wally Taibleson is the man. He's 90 years old, has collected four degrees in the last 20 years, and just snagged his last—from Cal State-San Marcos—last Friday. He became the oldest person in California State University history to receive a diploma, and he now has a masters in history, literature and writing, and education. He's an inspirational guy. 

From the Huffington Post:

“Any time you can devote to improving your mind and increasing your learning is valuable for you as well as for those who you're associated with,” Taibleson told KSWB.

Taibleson graduated high school in 1939, but he didn't enter college for the first time until he was 70, in 1993, U-T San Diego reports.

According to KGTV, Taibleson lived a pretty full life before he ever took a collegiate course:

Taibleson grew up in Maywood, Ill. After high school, he found an accounting job, married the love of his life, Clare, became a certified public accountant and had four kids. He worked his way up to CFO and vice chairman of the board of National Can Corp. in Chicago. He retired in 1984 and traveled the world.


This is most likely Wally's final degree. He does suffer from macular degeneration, which has hurt his eyesight and, in turn, reading abilities. But don't throw him off the San Marcos campus just yet: Word is, Wally's joined a fraternity dedicated to older pledges and he has an oil wrestling competition coming up. Hopefully Dean Pritchard won't stop him before…

Aw, hell. I'm being told I'm now recounting the plot of Old School/making a lazy joke. I'll see myself out.