This University of Alabama Fan Hates Tennessee Fans With A Fire Of 1000 Suns

College football is my favorite sport for a lot of reasons: Tradition trumps all, kids play with their hearts on their sleeves, fans seem more invested in the game, and there’s just nothing better than spending your Saturday in grassy field parking lot, tailgating with your closest friends and family. I love the unique regional identity it brings to all these different areas of the country. It’s tribal and impassioned, as if at the very core of one’s personal identity. I genuinely belief this is what makes college football as a spectacle so damn great:


Which brings me to this video. It’s an old video of a University of Alabama fan shitting all over University of Tennessee fans. I have nothing against the University of Tennessee, but he brings up a good point: That color orange really does look like you puked up a pumpkin.

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