Is Kappa Sigma’s Beachapalooza At CU Boulder The Most Savage College Party Of All Time?

Have you ever watched a YouTube video about a college party set to EDM music and wondered what the hell happened to your life? That’s what happened to me after watching this video of Kappa Sigma’s Beachapalooza at CU Boulder. It’s probably from crushing Bagel Bites for breakfast this morning, but holy shit — So much FOMO.

A couple weeks ago I was in Boulder, incredibly hungover from three nights of Phish at Dicks in Denver, crushing burritos at Illegal Pete’s and reminded that it’s the greatest damn college town in the United States. The weather is perfect. The people is chill. Everyone looks ridiculous good. They have drum circles on Pearl Street where all the spun wooks dance without public ridicule at 2pm on a weekday. Boulder is paradise.

This recap video of Kappa Sigma’s Beachapalooza is the most lit thing I’ve ever witnessed in my years on planet earth. I’m not even sure my life has any meaning after watching it.

You did good, CU Boulder Bros. You did good.

[H/T: University Primetime]

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