The 100 Best College Bars In America for Bros

Editor’s Note: Two years ago we created the ultimate guide to the best college bars in America for Bros. Now that it’s October and the college year is in full swing, we thought it’s as good of a time as any to remind you of the best college bars in America. For the best college bars 1-49, click on over hereDid we miss anything? Chime in in the comments. 

Where do Collegiate Bros rage the hardest? We delved, we blacked out, we ranked.

A College Bro’s bar of choice is not so much a defining factor as it is THE defining factor of what he’ll ultimately get out of his sacred four years. Choosing the right booze den has many idiosyncrasies, often a function of mood, talent, and overall alcohol friendliness. Yet at the end of the day, there’s always those tried and true spots that’ll emerge head and shoulders above the rest of them, with forays on beer-soaked floors leading to endless memories both at the venue and in the sheets.

A little while back, we asked you to chime in on which spots you felt deserved to make this hallowed list. The response was so dopely overwhelming that we decided to up the ante from 50-100, taking both the quality and quantity of submissions HEAVILY into account. There is many an INSANE bar that got snubbed, or appeared pretty low in the rankings; before you spend your entire psych class trying to compose a choice comment about how this and that establishment is Bro as f*ck, remember that loyalty always counts. Like a passed out Fratstar struggling to make it home, Bros have their bars’ back.

With that in mind, explore to your heart’s content. Many a place you’ll have marked down as a must-see, so whip out that calendar, look into finding a shady RV place, and start chalkin’ up that cross-country road trip. This will be as good inspiration as any.


(#100) A Sloppy End To A Sloppy Night: The Steer

School: SUNY Buffalo
Claim to Fame: Frozen, but Flowing

On any given day of the week as 2 a.m. rolls around, you can find all of Buffalo’s Greek life in this dive bar—mainly because this is the only bar within walking distance of the frat houses. Don’t worry that Buffalo is known for the snow and rain. It doesn’t stop girls from wearing clothes as if it were 100 degree weather. Most do not dare to enter the Steer without already being tanked for fear of being the most sober in a bar where everyone is already plastered.


(#99) Where the Weekend Never Ends: Out R Inn

Photo: Nathan L.

School: The Ohio State University
Claim To Fame: $1 Mug Nights

Yes, you heard it right. This Ohio State haunt, home to football, corn-hole, and billiards galore, also features Sunday and Monday night $1 Mug nights. After purchasing an Out-R-Inn Mug, Buckeyes can refill their drinking goblets with as many rounds of 20oz domestic beer as they so please.

Out-R-Inn is particularly a hotspot during the warmer months, during which students can take advantage of the bar’s excellent patio feature. Says a trusty intern, “(the patio) has good lights, to see if the chick you are hitting on is actually who you want to bring home that night.”


(#98) An All-Around Great Time: Eskimo Joes

School: Oklahoma State University
Claim To Fame: Cheese Fries, Live Music, Sports Bar Dopeness

Go to Eskimo Joes’ website, and you may think its a place that plays hosts 9 year old birthday parties rather than raucous collegiate debauchery. Yet Joes, ranked #3 among Sports Illustrated’s “Perfect College Sports Bars,” is without a doubt one of the most versatile establishments on this list. The cheese fries are legendary, the service is top-notch, and the game environment is utterly tremendous. Not to mention, what Bro doesn’t dig live-music?


(#97) The Divey League: The Ivy Inn

School: Princeton University
Claim To Fame: Karaoke, “A shot and beer bar”

This bar does not get its rep for being pretentious, but for being a great place to drink with friends. This dive has really cheap drinks…meaning you will get drunk. Lest we forget that Princeton is also in New Jersey, meaning the occasional parking lot fight is never out of the question.

And if you’re interested in singing about overly intelligent sh*t way cleverer than this weak, weak, smart-people jab, be sure to head to karaoke on Wednesday and Thursday nights.


(#96) Beer, More Beer, And ‘Ring Dunking’: Dixie Chicken

School: Texas A&M
Claim To Fame: “Ring Dunking”

Any bar that claims to serve the most beer per square foot of any bar in the United States is sure to catch our attention. Yet the Chicken, which was named Playboy’s College Bar of the month in April 2006, is also known a rather unorthodox (yet undeniably Bro) tradition–Ring Dunking.

Upon receiving their class ring, Aggies have been known to drop said ring into a pitcher of beer, and proceed to chug the pitchers’ contents on the Dixie Chicken’s porch. Due to a University (UnBro) vision in 2005, students are now only allowed to buy 32o z beer mugs on Ring Day. The tradition however, obviously still continues.


(#95) The Blue and Gold Bar: Corby’s Irish Pub

School: Notre Dame
Claim To Fame: Featured in ‘Rudy’

Corby’s was featured quite often in the iconic film ‘Rudy,’ meaning that there was no way we could possibly leave it out. The bar has been known to get rowdy no matter the occasion–be it their infamous weekday college nights, or before, during, and after a Blue and Gold victory.


(#94) A Real Rage Cave: Phyrst Irish Pub

School: Penn St.
Claim To Fame: Unprecedented Dungeon Status

Ah, the first (but certainly not the last) of our Penn St. bars. The Phyrst has certainly made a name for itself as quite the rage cave, as per evidence from a trusty source:

“You will likely not remember your night in this dark, basement bar with live music and cheap drinks. I’ve heard this place referred to as a ‘slut dungeon,’ which I think pretty much sums it up.”


(#93) The House That Tequila Bult: Scorpion’s Bar & Grill


School: University of New Hampshire
Claim To Fame: Thursday Throwdowns, Tequila,

A nice, homey restaurant by day, a raging house of collegiate grime by night. For a school whose been known to bring the binge, a night at Scorpion’s is likely one you won’t forget…that is of course, provided you remember it in the first place.


(#92) Where Everybody Knows Your Name: Grad Center Bar

School: Brown University
Claim to Fame: Chillest of Chill Spots

A college bar, through and through. Brown’s Bro scene may not flex some of the muscles we’ll see later on in the rankings, but there’s always something to be said about the ultimate hangout. Cheap drinks, solid tunes, and a place where one could always toast to those who know them all too well.


(#91) Pitchers For Days: Pub II

School: Illinois State
Claim To Fame: $4 Pitchers

Any place that serves up $4 pitchers of beer is going to catch our attention to the point of inept stumbling. Pub II, a major haunt for the Illinois State Greek contingent, has been ensuring the Redbird party scene remains anything but Normal.


(#90) A Hoya Tradition: The Tombs

School: Georgetown University
Claim to Fame: 99 Days Challenge, Dope Sauce Calamari

Having just celebrated its 50th anniversary, the Tombs has been a Georgetown mainstay for quite sometime now. Notoriously difficult to get in underage, the Tombs is the unanimous go-to spot for a 21st birthday, highlighted by both a famous forehead stamp and a few too many “Hoya Blue” shots.

The bar hosts highly popular Trivia Nights, which for a school known for training future government leaders, is probably the furthest possible thing from politically correct.


(#89) A Name That Says It All: Cheap Shots


School: St. Johns
Claim to Fame: See Above

The New York Metro Area is known for shamelessly unaffordable cost of living. Thankfully for the broke college student, there’s Cheap Shots.

“It’s pretty popular, so the only bad thing is that it gets packed out easily. Drink FREE on your birthday Mon-$4 Any Drink, Any Shot. Tues-5 shots for $10. Wed-$1 Beers LADIES NIGHT 2 for $5 Beers, Drinks & Shots. Thurs-5 Beers for $5-5 shots for $5.” — Aaron S.


(#88) Where The Temp Is Always Burning: JT’s Tavern

School: SUNY Binghamton
Claim To Fame: Cozy…too cozy.

For a school situated in the oft-frozen tundra of upstate New York, JTs is always the place to go for a steamy (yet sloppy) hookup.

“In no way is this the first bar you hit up on any given night, but if you are in Binghamton this is DEFINITELY where you want to end up. This bar is extremely small, but manages to fit a pool table and a nice, snug dance floor. You will have a good, warm drunken night here and will most certainly find yourself dancing and singing along with your friends till close.” – Cassie L.


(#87) Gettin’ Salty with Mechanical Bulls: The Salty Dog Saloon

School: Holy Cross
Claim to Fame: Dollar Drafts, Mechanical Bulls, General Slopfest

Says a recently graduated HoCro Bro, “The Dog is a typical Bro spot, although it’s more of a hotspot for bids.” Meaning, this is definitely a place for Bros.

Like many reputable college bars, The Salty Dog has taken on a lingo of its own. Holy Cross Students often “get salty” Thursday nights, which often leads to regretting how salty one actually got Friday morning. Cheap beers, a fun crowd, and it never hurts to feature a mechanical bull.



(#86) The Pinnacle of Tradition: Carey’s Bar

School: University of South Dakota
Claim to Fame: Consistency, Commitment to Excellence

“No trip to Vermillion is complete without a stop at Carey’s Bar. Serving the best Bloody Mary in the country as selected by Absolut Vodka, Carey’s bar features wall hangings of highly collectible USD memorabilia and the booths feature carvings done by USD student groups. Other features include a pool table, video lottery machines, darts, pinball machines, and a full patio (with bar) during the summer months.” — Brad


(#85) A Small School Packs A Lot of Heat: The Green Door

School: St. Marys (MD)
Claim to Fame: A hole the wall that will have you punching holes in the wall.

Small, but rowdy. We present to the lowdown, in bullet point form

  • Kind of questionable
  • Bartenders give hot girls free drinks all the time
  • Really really cheap drinks
  • Red neck live bands

All in all, the Green Door is a tried and true “it may be somewhat of a sh*thole, but its our sh*thole. The depths of the internet led me to a solid tribute poem, written by blogger “Gwadzilla

ah… The Green Door
if only I could remember the memories
I can remember the hangovers
but not much more


(#84) A Gameday Must: Friars Tavern

School: Clemson
Claim to Fame: Football, $9 liquor pitchers

Friars opened its Clemson location in 2010, but has immediately become a Bro hotspot to the highest degree. Your one stop shop for everything Clemson Football, Friars is a solid bet for tailgating, game-watching, and, win or lose, endless booze.

A sports bar through and through, Friars is also a solid happy hour destination. While chomping down on Friars’ ‘Garbage Fries’ (huge servings of french fries, smothered in melted cheese and chili, all topped with bacon), Clemson Bros can enjoy any house liquor for the taunting price of $2.50

I’ve been holding off on mentioning the $9 liquor pitchers (all day, every day) because HOLY SH*T $9 liquor pitchers.


(#83) A Ceaseless Flow of Dopeness: Brew River Restaurant & Bar

Photo via Twitter

School: Salisbury University
Claim to Fame: A Floating Paradise

Brew River makes waves all week, but the rowdiness often reaches an all-time high during Brew’s midweek ‘College Nights.’ $2 Coors Drafts, $2 Rails, $4 Shooters, and $5 Bombs, it’s like a walking advertisement that’s too good to be true. Except that it is.

The River also is a solid restaurant and sports bar, a great place for Sunday Football and the like. The waterfront view has taken credit for a few deal sealing from time to time, and we’re not exactly talking the business variety. Or are we?


(#82) Morgantown Brings the Party: The Sports Page

School: West Virginia
Claim to Fame: 25¢ wings, Billiards, Homey Collegiate Feel

It’s not secret the kids down in Morgantown know how to rage. And if a picture’s worth a thousand words, how many is this video?


(#81) Fratty Crowd, Frattier Memories: The Red Lion



School: University of Illinois- Champaign
Claim to Fame: Sponsored Events, Strong Greek Connection

Formerly known as Bub’s, The Red Lion offers specials, parties, and often caters to Greek life at the University of Illinois campus. Critics of the bar hate on the fact that there’s a cover, but don’t think you’ll stumble out of the Red Lion without having a good night and/or a couple of stories.


(#80) Generations of Good Times: The Moonshadow Tavern

School: Ithaca College, Cornell University
Claim to Fame: ITHACA’s #1 Hot Spot For Sexy People

“Moonies” isn’t exactly a place to chill out with a beer or two, let alone five. An intern gives us the lowdown, complete with a Fun Fact:

“It’s basically a sh*tshow of a bar, the floor is always sticky, and everyone is a guarantee blackout. And FUN FACT: My mom worked there when she was in college.”

That last part certainly sealed the deal. As does this video.


(#79) Drink To Your Tab’s Content: The Union Bar

School: University of Iowa
Claim to Fame: “Biggest Bar in the Big 10”

There’s no doubt that the Union Bar brings the Big 10 party. Recently a winner of a “Girls Gone Wild Wildest Bar” Contest, Hawkeyes tend to pack out the Union, treating themselves to these INSANE drink specials:


#78 A Musketeer Must: Dana Gardens

School: Xavier
Claim to Fame: Sports on Sports on Drinks

A fixture in the Xavier University community since 1938, Dana Gardens is the most popular bar at the Cincinnati school. Drinks are cheap and cold, and the proximity to campus makes it the best spot for Musketeer Bros to go on game days.


#77 Enjoy A Little Mexico Today!: Little Mexico

School: Ohio Northern
Claim to Fame: WOW that food looks good

Little Mexico is a Mexican Restaurant that also has a full bar. Yes, yes, and yes.

In a sick and twisted version of Extreme Makeover Home Edition, or whatever other show where they take sh*tty situations and make them much less sh*tty, this student-made “commercial” for Little Mexico. Previously at a paltry 15 views, this will enjoy the benefits of insta-blog fame. Doing the Lord’s work is no small task, but you’re welcome.


#76 Where the Standards Are Set High: Benchmark Bar and Grill

School: DePaul
Claim to Fame: A Game for the A-List Bro

A higher-end sports bar. Features a retractable roof on the second floor, and comprises Chicago’s “first outdoor beergarden.” More upscale and modern pretty much any bar on this list, Benchmark is a place where a Bro can work on his classy swag, and is great place to find a more sophisticated babe. The downside is that dirt-cheap specials are few and far between, but the 46 TVs, solid population density (bouncers always ensure it doesn’t get too packed), and high quality service and staff makes Benchmark a perfect place for the Bro to get properly plastered.


#75 Outdoor, Cavalier Crass: The Backyard

School: University of Virginia
Claim to Fame: A Free Flowing Space for Free Flowing Times

A UVa hotspot, the Backyard features tons of drink specials everyday, including Tuesday dollar nattys, Wednesday 3 dollar pitchers. Located right around “the corner,” the Backyard is sure to pack out what’s actually its front yard, ceding and endless flow of stunning Virginia babes.

It must also be noted that The Backyard is also right next to this awesome Chinese dumpling place, where you can order 6 dumplings for $3. That is 18 dumplings for $9 — an amount I definitely did not consume while visiting.

NOTE: At the time of writing this, it appeared as if the Backyard may be undergoing closure/management changes.


(#74) Dinner, Plus Afterhours: The Wooden Nickel Pub

School: Georgia Southern
Claim to Fame: Karaoke, “Friendly atmosphere”

Says a Georgia Southern Bro, “its the last bar in the plaza and you have to be wasted to walk in.” Not a bad tagline.

The Wooden Nickel is one of those places where good food cedes to good times, which cede to goooood times. Any bar that features karaoke is gonna get weird, and the Nickel is no exception.

Says the Tucker, GA Patch, “the Wooden Nickel creates a friendly atmosphere into the wee hours of the morning, every day of the week.” Think we know what that means.


(#73) Ending the Night With a “Bang”: Timothy’s Bar

School: Dayton
Claim to Fame: “The Wall,” DFMO City

“This place is black out or get out. Beloved by Dayton Students since 1965, Timothy’s Bar is where legends are made. Famous for their “Wall” mixed drink, University of Dayton students always end the night at Tim’s, ensuring a packed house full of Midwest talent. Dance the night away with numerous slam-pieces until the house lights come on–then its pretty much mating season.” — D


(#72) A Lot To Offer: Broney’s Alumni Grill

Via Ryan Nord 

School: Ohio U
Claim to Fame: All around excellence

Broney’s is the five-tool player when it comes to collegiate Bro-ness, as demonstrated by the tremendous video above.


(#71) Also, “Dessert”: Stockman’s Bar & Lunch

School: University of Montana
Claim to Fame: A Crowd That Doesn’t Mess Around

Say the folks at College Prowler “Some people grimace and stick out their tongue at the mention of Stockman’s, because it features sweaty dancing, scantily-clad women, and an overabundance of jocks and Greeks”

Well then. Since when was a bar where scantily-clad women stick out their tongues the worst thing in the world?


(#70) An Ultimate Night-time Destination: Dark Horse Tavern

School: SUNY Cortland
Claim to Fame: Best Party in Downtown Cortland

“The Horse” has been serving Cortland for over 35 years. The impeccable, homey atmosphere will instantly make you want to be a regular, something that will only be heightened by the toasty levels of inebriation you’ll reach night in and night on.

Good Service, check. Dance floor, check. Girls, Check. All that is missing is a stripper pole…oh wait CHECK. “The Horse” is the Cortland bar to end up at to make all your drunken mistakes.

(#69) A KU Tradition: Bullwinkle’s Bar

School: Kansas University
Claim to Fame: Not your Grandpa’s bar, but your Great-Grandpa’s Bar

Established in 1920, the Bull’s survived its rough jaunt in Prohibition, developing beautifully into to one of KU’s premier drinking establishments. The secret to the nearly 100 years of longevity? Try getting a better combo of service, school pride, and outside deck swag. This place knows how to roll with the changing times.


(#68) Vegas Swag, Morgantown ‘Tude: Rock Top Cafe

School: West Virginia
Claim to Fame: Rooftop view, dominance

Atop a 5 story roof, Rock Top’s 800 Plus Capacity bar features multiple levels, two outdoor hot tubs, platformed VIP areas above the rooftop, and a view that’s one of the best you’ll ever get from any bar, period. With a stylish rooftop and hand-crafted cocktails on the reg, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything else like this West Virginia gem. It may offer a different flair than most places on its list, but thats part what makes this an undeniable Bro bar.


(#67) Tuesday Trashed: Barracuda Bar and Grill

School: University of Miami
Claim to Fame: Midweek Celebration hotspot

This bar is extremely well staffed, and is a great place to watch whatever game you so please. As mentioned, it’s also not the worst place to find a non sober female on a particular weeknight

“Girls drink free on Tuesdays, so just have a girl with you and you do too. Also, decent chance you’ll run into football players here. Our tight end liked to bartend for fun when he was there.” — Matt J


(#66) Newark Noise, Newark Poise: Timothy’s Bar

School: University of Delaware
Claim to Fame: Great layout, UDEL party swag

The Fightin’ Blue Hens are among some of the biggest bingers in the nation. The UD party scene is primarily run through its Greeks, but Tim’s embodies the schools partying ethos to a tee. Featuring the usual college specials, Tim’s also has a great dance floor upstairs, primed for the elevated collegiate slop UD is notorious for.


(#65) “Enter at Your Own Risk”: Mesquites Sports Grill and Bar

School: Texas Tech
Claim to Fame: Unusual Decor

The food can be suspect at times, but the atmosphere is nothing short of phenomenal. The “Enter at Your Own Risk” sign sets the tone nicely, further underscored by the various (dead) plants and decidedly dingy setting. The beer is solid, munchies are dirt cheap, and if you’re looking to substitute a night of class for a down and dirty good time, Mesquites is the best place on Broadway.


(#64) New Journalism Backfires, But Party Goes On: The Keg

School: Northwestern
Claim to Fame: @kegofevanston

Northwestern has never been known for burning down the house with its rage factor. The Keg, aptly named, was a true playa in Northwestern’s social scene. Cheap beer, hot girls, the Keg was an oasis of awesome in an otherwise lackluster Evanston party scene.

Unfortunately, the Keg raged too hard (read: let in too many underage kids), and had its liquor license revoked early in 2012. A lot of the blame could be traced back to a particularly mischievous @kegofevanston twitter account, which spit mad truth regarding the Keg’s fun (but lax) rage environment. It reopened two months later, though the Bro haven’s future is still up in the air. Whatever the result however, the Keg has certainly made its mark on NU.


#63 The Panther Bar: Hemingways Cafe

School: University of Pittsburgh
Claim to Fame: Great Drink Specials, Karaoke

Hemingways features a different $2 draft specials and $6 Yuengling Pitchers every day of the week, but there’s a lot more reasons than that to visit the Panther hotspot. Featuring a friendly crowd and an even friendlier karaoke environment, Hemingways was voted #23rd best college bar in America by Complex Magazine, and was voted Best Bar, Best Bartender, Best Specials, and Best Bar Food, and Best Karaoke by the Pitt News.


(#62) ‘A Tradition, A Way of Life’: Moonshine Bar

School: University of Georgia (Athens)
Claim to Fame: Supreme Dawg Hangout

Football season is the real sauce around Athens, and Moonshine Bar is the place to be. The occasional “free shots for every touchdown” is something not to miss out on, though the drinks are often cheap enough that they’re basically free. Offering various dollar and two dollar specials multiple nights per week, its always great to get your ‘shine on.


(#61) 55 Days of Cafe, Every Day of Party: Cafe 210 West

School: Penn State
Claim to Fame: 55 Days of Cafe

“Large outdoors areas are always packed first warm day of the year, 2/10 day, excellent food deals each day, $2 cafe teas, great band area in the back, upper area with ESPN always on. Every spring they have 55 days of Cafe, which if you go every day for 55 days, your name gets put up for all to see. Excellent place for the bro who just wants to relax.” — Greg S.


(#60) Where Sparty Goes to Party: Rick’s American Cafe

School: Michigan State
Claim to Fame: Darkly Illuminating

Having once been rated by Playboy’s as one of Top 100 College Bars, Rick’s clearly brings the crowd a Bro doesn’t mind seeing. Thursday and Friday often features an unfortunate line, though like any good place, the line is a function of the dopeness inside. The beer selection is pretty solid for a college bar, but all in all this is just a place where you’ll go to party, have a night you’ll talk about for the next 40 years, only to line right back up the next night.

The place is decidedly dark, though Rick’s real caves reside in the bathrooms. They are truly something special.


(#59) “Cafe” May Be Pushing It: The Jayhawk Cafe

Via Instagram

School: Kansas University
Claim to Fame: Dirt Cheap, “Greek Ghetto” represent

A member of KU’s “Big Three,” The Hawk has been a Lawrence staple for nearly 100 years. This place gets pretty silly (the ladies gon’ feel me), especially on dollar Wednesdays.


(#58) “Everyone Get’s Lucky”: Shenanigan’s

School: DC Area Schools (American U, UMD GW, Catholic)
Claim to Fame: Familiar Crew, New Shenanigans

A nice college age crowd, but a refreshing break from the norm. Rowdy is this place’s only setting.

“Owned and operated by the crew from the Thirsty Turtle, College Park (R.I.P). This place is insane. Right at the top of Adams  Morgan in D.C., the deals are ridiculous and the bartenders are the best on 18th street.” — Ryan B.


(#57) Going Out In Style: The Thirsty Turtle (CLOSED)

School: UMD (College Park)
Claim to Fame: Balled too hard

The Turtle, like anything that exhibits unprecedented levels of unprecedented-ness, was simply too much for the world to handle. It was sadly shut down, but it’s status in Bro lore is unalterable.

To fully gain a sense of The Turtle, this review from a choice Yelp user certainly does the place justice:.

Thirsty Turtle is the biggest joke to hit College Park.  In order for this place to be fun, you need to be absolutely sloshed.

First of all, having an ID to get in is more of a “suggestion” rather than a requirement.  Basically, if you have a pulse and an ID of any kind, you’re in.  My black friend got in with an Asian girl’s ID.  Just have your $5 ready out.  This means that Turtle has essentially carved its niche as the freshman/sophomore/high school bar.

If you are a guy and you want ass, go to Turtle.  Never has hooking up been so easy.  Go to the upstairs dance floor, creep up behind a girl, and start grinding.  If at first you don’t succeed, another time or two and you should find someone.  If you don’t feel taking her home for whatever reason, no problem.  You can basically hook up right on the dance floor or against the wall.  You can even be the ugliest motherfucker alive and find someone to take home.  Shwing!

Another turtle requirement:  girls must wear as little clothing as possible.  It doesn’t matter what the temperature is.  On the coldest day of winter, you better have your tunic-top-made-into-a-dress and high heels on.  There is no excuse for not dressing like a skank.

Because anyone can get in, the place is often mobbed- I’ve seen the line as long as Marathon Deli around the corner.  Thus, if you do get in, don’t expect to get near the bar.  There have been times where I’ve stood at the bar 25 minutes before being helped.  The wait is not worth the watered down drink.  A hardcore pregame is a requirement when going to Turtle.  If you physically made it to Turtle without being carried, you probably didn’t pregame hard enough.

If you come during the day when it is empty, the food is pretty good and they have decent happy hour specials.  Unfortunately, they seem to be unstaffed during these times so service isn’t very good.

In sum, if you are under 21 and have a crappy fake, come here.  Guys-  if you are over 21 and trying to get some under 21 action, eureka!


(#56) Tremendous View, Tremendous Brew: Top of the Hill Restaurant and Brewery

School: UNC Chapel Hill                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Claim to Fame: Elevated Ambiance, Elevated Nights

The Franklin Street rush is enough in itself, but the out of this world cheese fries and Tar Heel Crazy Camaraderie make TOPO one of the more picturesque Bro Bars in the nation. The patio is beyond pristine, the beer (try the Blue Ridge Blueberry Wheat) doesn’t mess around, and overall a great place to grab some grub, get rowdy with the boys, or woo or a southern belle.


(#55) A Category 5 Party: Sandbar Sports Grill

School: The U
Claim to Fame: 24 Plasmas, A Hurricane Party

Going out in South Beach is almost impossible not to do, often making it difficult for one night-spot to emerge from the oversaturated pack. Sandbar, however, has taken a stranglehold on Tuesday and Thursdays. Packed with Miami Bros and Chicks, it generally offers a nice mix of familiar and not-so familiar faces. This is The U–girls wear barely anything and you’re bound to have a good night.


(#54) The Shot To End All Shots: Bull’s Tavern

School: Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Claim to Fame: The “Bull Sweat”

Bull’s Tavern’s legendary “Bull Sweat” shot isn’t for the faint of heart. Harken to the following recipe for a likely vomit:

  • ½ oz. Rum (151)
  • ½ oz. Wild Turkey 101 (Bourbon)
  • Splash of Pineapple Juice
  • Splash of Tabasco Sauce
  • Splash of Worcestershire Sauce
  • Dash of Pepper
  • 1 wring of the scrumptious bar-towel (if you’re lucky)
  • A post-shot slap from the bartender (again, if you’re lucky)


(#53) Get Comfy, Get Crooked: Closed for Business

School: College of Charleston
Claim to Fame: Endless beer options, followed by endless beer options

This beer garden makes our list not for its reputation for being a typical college bar, but for its overpowering selection of beers on tap (And Bro’s love to drink). They have more beers on tap than you can count.

They have different glass sizes for no matter what mood you are in 10 oz (i just like the taste) , 16 oz (drinking with the boys) , and the pint (followed by at least 5 more pints). Amazing selection and a dope environment makes this place not just run of the mill bar, but classy for a college bar.


(#52) The Bar Bone Connected to the…Club Bone: Potbelly’s

School: Florida State                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Claim to Fame: Access and Connections

Is your typical college bar… your typical college bar connected to a nightclub “The Painted Lady” giving you the best of any drinking experience. As you can imagine this place gets wild and “there ain’t nothing else like it.”

Hit up Potbelly’s on a Tuesday for $2 dollar drafts, while The Painted Lady next door is hosting ladies night and you will have yourself one good night.


(#51) A Part of Growing Up: Dirtbags

School: University of Arizona
Claim to Fame: Party Bar for a Party School

Dirtbags is located a hop, skip, and a projectile vomit away from Frat row. A recipe for Bro Bar fame? We think so.

As their slogan portends, Dirtbags is “a part of growing up”. You will hate this place if you hate cheap drinks, fun crowd, and hot babes. If that’s the case, I would advise you to keep your distance. But if not you will not regret going to this Arizona bar spot.

DIrtbags is host to the sorts of disgustingly awesome drunk food that instantly (and often, regrettable) become a collegiate staple. The dirt fries and dirt burger are the most famous, though the menu also includes chicken strips and a slew of other munchies.

If you want to take a piece of Dirtbags to your school, best do it with the bar’s famed “Surfer Acid” shot. We can assure you that the ingredients, although seemingly innocuous, are far, far, from that.

SHOT: Surfer Acid

  • A generous pour of Jaegermeister
  • A pour Coconut Rum
  • Splash of Pineapple Juice


(#50)  Pitchers Full Of Well-Liquor: The Saloon

School: Penn State
Claim to Fame: Monkeyboys

The $5 Monkeyboys specials — which is a combination of well liquor that’s basically Penn State’s version of the fishbowl — will put you on the floor fast.


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