Bloomsburg Block Party 2014 Recap Shows You How TURNT-UP RATCHET Pennsylvania State Schools Get


Today our noble quest to find the most ratchet, TURNT UP college party in the nation turns to Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, a state school with a reputation for having admission standards lower than many of it’s student’s BACs. Jokes! Besides having a pretty nice fair in the Fall, the marquee attraction is the school’s annual Block Party day-rage, which brings tens of thousands of college students from all across PA to Bloomsburg to get TURNT UP. This epic recap of Block Party 2014 by Brandon Bahr will show you just how sorry they’re not sorry for partying Pennsylvania state schools get.

Case in point: There’s a girl wearing a “Sorry Mom” hat. Except she’s probably not that sorry. Her poor mother.

That’s some shameless raging face, Bloomsburg. West Chester, Shippensburg, Kutztown, IUP… GET ON THEIR LEVEL.