Bro Is Eating Chipotle Every Day for 100 Days to Raise Money to Frat Brother’s Cancer Bills

A few weeks ago I went on a rant about how much I hate it when millennials selfishly use crowdfunding campaigns for their own self-interest. But this is a GREAT cause. An upstanding Bro by the name of Joe Gallo, however, set up a GoFundMe for an awesome cause: To help raise money for his fraternity brother’s fight against cancer. Because these sort of things get the most attention when there’s some sort of stunt involved, the recent Bowling Green grad is pledging to eat Chipotle every day for 100 days and document his burrito/eating on Instagram. 

Here’s what you need to know about his fraternity brother’s battle with cancer, via the GoFundMe campaign page:

Bret Grund was born June 19, 1987. Native of NE Ohio, Bret attended Arch Bishop Hoban High School (2005) followed by Bowling Green State University (2010). There, Bret received a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing while also playing a vital role in the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity. 

In aspiration of achieving his dreams, Bret moved out to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2012. There he founded Natures Goodies, a company aimed at providing healthy snacks for individuals on the go. Along the way Bret has made countless friends and has touched, shaped, or bettered numerous lives.

Recently, Bret has received devastating medical news. Following the identification, surgical removal, and biopsy of a brain tumor; Bret has been diagnosed with Stage IV Glioma, a diagnosis with a very poor prognosis. Currently Bret is receiving multiple treatments to overcome the odds and defeat this horrible monster known as cancer.

It is our hope that a fundraiser may be one way to aid Bret in his journey. Whether it’s to help pay for exponentially increasing medical expenses, significantly high cost of living, or simply to provide any bit of relief from the physical, mental, emotional stress of this situation; any aid would be beneficial. 

Bret is determined to win his battle and it is our duty to help him succeed. Bret is much more than a friend, he’s our brother, and together we believe “…We can most successfully accomplish our object.”

Follow his burrito-eating quest on Instagram and donate to his #100daysofchipotle campaign on GoFundMe.

Who’s hungry for a burrito now? For Bret!

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