This College Bro Trying Desperately To Take the Perfect Selfie Is Just Brutally Awkward

We’re seen some people unwittingly make fools of themselves taking selfies before, but this Davidson bro at the game against VCU is right up there with all of the other try-hards who made us laugh at their silly efforts.

Watching the video it would appear that this isn’t bro’s first time taking a selfie. In fact he seems like a true pro. He’s got all the moves down: hand through the hair, the lip bite, the sweet unbuttoned shirt.

Add in the fact this happened on live TV and I’m guessing bro isn’t even the least bit fazed that people all over the Internet are now chuckling at his attempt. From the looks of him I bet he’s loving every damn minute of it.

Watch and learn…

It’s even better when you add a little music to the action…

Nailed it.


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