College Bro Who Had His Beer Bong Confiscated During Health Inspection Comes Up With GENIUS Excuse To Get It Back

So this bro and his roommates were in a bit of a pickle after dorm inspectors came in their room and found a beer bong in the shower. From there the Residential Life Coordinator wrote an ominous email requesting someone take responsibility for that beer bong, and that’s when this bro busted out his creative side. He whipped up what’s probably the best excuse I’ve read in ages:

It’s been so long since I lived in a dorm room that I almost forgot Health and Safety Inspections were even a thing. The concept of someone coming into my domicile just to go through my shit is so foreign to me at this point in life I can’t even really fathom it.

Just thinking about this has me wondering what kind of person goes through life only to be come a dorm inspector or a dorm security guard. Like, how’d that person get from Point A (birth) to Point B (harassing dorm students over a beer funnel)? Furthermore, I’m finding it a bit unbelievable that just owning a beer bong is unacceptable…Like, on what fucking planet is it not okay to simply OWN a beer bong?!?

Anyways, good on this bro for thinking on his feet. Nobody’s going to argue his excuse, it’s genius.