WTF College Girl Has Meltdown In Class, Sends Out Mass Emails To Remind Everyone She’s Mentally Stable And Hot

There was not a single time in college, not a single time, that I felt the need to email everyone on my class roster about anything. Homework, impending paper due dates, attendance grades – literally all of that can be answered either in the syllabus or by paying attention, or at the very least force your antisocial ass to make at least one friend in the class so you can ask them questions when necessary.

None of those sane and logical thought processes could be found going through this unnamed girl’s head, however, at the same time she decided to spam her classmates AND professor with deranged nonsense. According to Redditor ShotgunWedding0, said girl is in his girlfriend’s geology class and has had multiple outbursts, leading her to send this completely WTF email:

As for the aftermath, ShotgunWedding0 explains:

This was the last message sent out by this girl, as far as I know. Since their professor was an old man with no backbone, he really didn’t do anything to solve the situation and it only continued to get worse over the course of a month or so. Unfortunately, my girlfriend had to take matters into her own hands, and since she was attacked individually by this girl, was able to send all screenshots and emails to the Dean of Students at her school as well as to the HR department. I was hoping this girl would just get expelled for cyberbullying/harassment, but sadly she is still joining everyone for Geology class twice a week this semester. The only thing they have been able to do is have campus security officers stand outside/inside of the classroom in the event that this girl has another outburst.

Someone get that girl a therapist, STAT.

[Via Imgur]