College Girls Who Smoke Pot More Likely to Sleep with You, Says Study

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Yes, the stickiest of the icky, the dopiest of the dope, marijuana, is said to be a calling card for college girls who engage in hookups and other promiscuous activity. This, according to a study conducted by two Syracuse University's psychologists, who surveyed 483 incoming first-year female college students “several times over eight months.” What else did they find? From the Huff Po:

Women who smoked weed and binge-drank alcohol were more likely to engage in oral sex in a hook up situation than women who did not smoke pot or binge-drink. Marijuana consumers had vaginal sex hook ups more often than women who did not smoke pot, according to the study. About one-quarter of all women surveyed had at least one hook up involving either oral sex or vaginal sex during their first year at college, according to an abstract of the study.

Pre-college hook ups were the strongest indicator that women would engage in casual sex during their first year of college, according to the study. Other factors increasing the likelihood of hooking up included impulsivity, sensation-seeking, alcohol use, “social comparison orientation” and situational triggers. Race, socioeconomic status, academics, cigarette smoking and “parental connectedness” were not predictive indicators of sexual hook ups, the authors concluded.


Pre-college hook ups were the strongest indicator, huh? YOU DON'T SAY. (This study cost $219,000.)

[H/T: Huffington Post College, Girl smoking image via Shutterstock]

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