How Thousands Of Lives Will Be Impacted By Student Who Died Hours After Graduation Ceremony

Last week, Aminah Jennifa Ahmed walked in her college graduation at the University of Texas at Arlington and accepted her degrees in biology and business. Her family was ecstatic but Aminah’s enthusiasm wasn’t evident because she was in pain. From what, she had no idea.

“There was zero symptoms, zero signs, zero everything [before graduation day,]” her father Shamsul Ahmed told USA Today. “She said she had a headache and throwing up, and that’s it.”

Minutes after leaving the stage, Aminah vomited on a walk across campus. She threw up in the car on the ride home. When she got home, she attempted to nap on the couch. Her parents assumed the headache and vomiting was just the stress of the day and nerves from the last days in school.

By that evening, Aminah Jennifa Ahmed was gone. Doctors haven’t confirmed her cause of death but they believe she suffered a brain aneurysm. Her ailments, severe headaches and blurred vision, are often signs of an aneurysm.

In the days after her death, her grief-stricken parents are trying to turn the event into a positive.

Aminah was very active at local mosques and with a lot of student activities. Friends say her caring heart also led her to do lot of charity work. One project she had started just recently would pay for eye surgeries for the poorest children in South Asia, especially her home country of Bangladesh. Since her death, her family has renamed the project “Aminah Sees.”

Aminah Jennifa Ahmed’s parents set up a Go Fund Me page and have raised more than $29,000 in her honor for the project. We hope that Aminah’s story inspires others to donate, and help, and that the sad end to her life leads to the beginning of a new life for a young child.

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