Massachusetts College Kids Arrested After Throwing Three-Day Party So Epic That Their House Is Now Condemned

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21-year-old Andrew Juckett, who is reportedly a student at Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts, along with his housemate Juan Perez, also 21, were arrested after police broke up a three-day long party at their rented home in Bridgewater. According to Daily Mail, upon entering the property cops witnessed people trying to escape by jumping out of windows on the first floor, however a large amount of people were still arrested for underage drinking, disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace and being a minor in possession of alcohol.

Just how many people were at this party, you ask? Enough so that the entire house has now been condemned:

Bridgewater Inspectional Services and fire officials responded to the scene to inspect ‘several safety hazards’ in the home, according to police.

An orange note posted on the front door of the property reveals it has since been condemned, according to Fox 25.

Images of the property show a large amount of broken furniture, couches, a mattress and even a bicycle piled in the front yard.

…While the exact extent of damage to the property is unknown, a note tacked to the door appeared to show it had been deemed unsafe due to a lack of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Bridgewater police chief Christopher Delmonte said: ‘This is not the typical result of a police response to a loud party.

‘The number of people arrested and the charges levied against each of them should underscore the burden a few can place on neighborhoods and the amount of municipal resources required to restore order.(via)

Juckett and Perez now face charges of keeping a disorderly house, supplying alcohol to minors and obstruction of justice.

[H/T Daily Mail & Fox25]