College Students At Texas Tech Don’t Know Who Won The Civil War Or Who The Vice President Is

Texas Tech’s student political organization PoliTech went around campus with a camera to see how much our students know about basic, elementary school-level American history. The result is one of those Jimmy Kimmel/Jay Leno “Jay-walking” man-on-the-street videos that makes the people being quizzed look really, really stupid. You might be surprised to learn that the Bros and gals at Texas Tech don’t know who won the American Civil war, who the Vice President of the United States is, or which country we gained our independence from. It’s proof that, as a reflexive behavior, Google is KILLING our capacity for basic memory retention, especially in a generation that grew up with it.

I mean… Holy crap what are the admission requirements at Texas Tech? Last I checked simply having a pulse didn’t get you any points on the SATs. Also: What are the chances this Bro in the Colorado hat has at least one Pretty Lights and/or Slightly Stoopid album on his iPhone?

Even though American history facts a third grader should know isn’t his thing, he can’t wait to shred the ‘gnarist pow pow at Breckenridge over Christmas break.


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