Here Are The Top 10 Colleges Having The Most Sex So Far This School Year

Back to school, back to the grind. That means hook-up season for gazillions of college kids around the country.

What do you do when you need some rubbers but don’t have them on hand? Get ’em delivered! On-demand condom delivery isn’t exactly a new trend on college campuses, but there’s no one better to analyze the data than the folks at goPuff. If you’re not familiar, goPuff is sort of like a on-demand 7-11: They’ll literally delivery you anything you’d find in a convenience store while you sit on your couch. Cool Ranch Doritos? Yup. Gummy worms? Of course. Zig-zag rolling papers? No problem. I played around with it on Seamless while in Denver this past weekend — They literally have everything.

Condoms, obviously, are a huge on-demand order around college campuses. Their data marketing minds analyzed what zip codes ordered the most condoms from Thursday, August 25th to Tuesday, September 6th. In that 13-day period, the following schools appear to be having the most back-to-school college sex.

Way to go, Philly.


1. Philadelphia, PA (29%)

Drexel University, Temple University & University of Pennsylvania

2. Boston, MA (13.9%)

Boston University, Boston College, Harvard, MIT, Northeastern University

3. Phoenix, AZ (11.7%)

Arizona State University

4. Washington, DC (9.7%)

American University, Georgetown University, George Washington University

5. New York, NY (9.5%)

NYU, Pace University, Hunter, FIT

6. Denver, CO (7%)

Denver University, University of Colorado Denver

7. Chicago, IL (6.4%)

DePaul University

8. Seattle, WA (4.8%)

University of Washington

9. Austin, TX (4.4%)

University of Texas at Austin, St. Edwards University, Austin Community College

10. Portland, OR (3.4%)

Portland State

Then again, just because they’re ordering a lot of condoms doesn’t mean they’re *necessarily* getting it on. Maybe they just really like pranks… 

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