Colorado State University Just Can’t Seem To Throw A Party Without It Turning Into A Riot

We cover the college riot beat pretty hard here at BroBible, so it’s easy for us to identify reoccurring patterns and call it a “thing” when it happens more than once. Colorado State University’s “thing” these days seems to be rioting, especially when its house parties get a little too turnt up. Perhaps most notoriously, this past April, a block party at CSU turned into a riot when a SWAT team tried to break it up. The same thing happened in 2013 and tear gas was used. L

Which brings us to last night. Another house party in Ft. Collins escalated into a police vs. students brawl on the streets, complete with a student allegedly smashing a bottle into a cop car. Not smart!

Here are some tweets from Fort Collins Coloradoan reporter Ryan Maye Handy:

Here are some tidbits from the report she filed to The Coloradoan:

In the coming weeks, Fort Collins police expect to make arrests and potentially charge some people in connection with the Oct. 4 incident, said Fort Collins Police Lt. Jeremy Yonce.

When police came to break up a party off Blevins Court and South Whitcomb Street at 10:50 p.m., they found between 300 and 400 people milling around. When officers approached, some people began throwing bottles, Yonce said.

Some people approached officers wielding street signs they had ripped from the ground, but Yonce said they stopped about 50 yards from the officers.

Police did not throw tear gas, although Greenwood and others said they thought they saw some. After their initial contact with the crowd around 11 p.m. Saturday, Fort Collins police backed off and requested mutual aid. Reinforcements arrived at 12:20 a.m., Yonce said. By the time reinforcements arrived on scene, most of the crowded had disbanded.

Here’s an Instagram pics + video from the so-called riot I found on an Instagram sweep. If anyone has any more pics and/or video from the CSU riots, e-mail them to me: brandon [at]

Update: A tipster at CSU sent us this Snap from “around midnight” last night which pretty clearly shows a canister with gas of some sort:

Also, here are some videos from a tipster, including a CSU Rams chant:


…And a “Fuck CU” chant:


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