DJ Scott Melker Posted A Hilarious Story About His Time At U. Penn With Donald Trump Jr.

To be abundantly clear, DJ Scott Melker posted the story below about Donald Trump Jr. because he is anti-Donald Trump. He wanted to peel back the curtain to show just what kind of a man Donald Trump really is. As if anyone was confused about that at this point.

I, however, am posting this story because it talks about how Donald Trump Jr. received a fantastic nickname from spending his entire time the University of Pennsylvania shithammered and pissing beds. And…part of me is posting it because Melker’s story is outrageous. He claims to have watched Donald Trump bitch slap his son in front of a dorm full of college kids because Donald Jr was trying to go to a baseball game in a jersey and not a business suit. That should have been a scene from some bad 80s movie about a rebellious teen and his desire to escape his awful stepdad.

Anyway… here is what Melker had to say about the Trumps.

So basically, Donald Trump Jr. was a regular college kid who drank a little too much and urinated when his bladder told him it was time. At least he never slept walked into random dorm rooms and pissed on actual people. That is more than I can say for myself.

[H/T Deadspin]