Douchebags at West Chester University Flip a Bro’s Car During Quatro de Mayo Party

“They're like 'I'm going to flip this thing,' and I said, 'You better not.' But they did. I couldn't stop them,” said Mike Clauss.

The car owner, who did not want to be identified, says his father recently died. The Grand Prix that the suspect's tossed like a piece of tin was a gift from him.

“He died of cancer and it was his car. He gave it to me and told me I could have it before he died, and they flipped it,” he said.
Even more so, this weekend would have been his parent's 27th wedding anniversary.

“It's pretty terrible, they're selfish people,” said the car owner.

The victim admits he was one of many who paid $15 to get into the party, but left when police arrived.


Can't put a price on the senamental value of some things. Douchebags suck. Douchabgs are not Bros. 

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