UPDATE: Drunk Bro Passes Out In An Uber After Leaving A Party In Atlanta, Wakes Up In Mississippi With A $908 Tab

New Year’s Eve isn’t exactly the best night for sound decision-making. But unless you ended up in jail or the drunk tank for being an idiot, I doubt you felt as stupid as this Ole Miss Bro when he woke up on January 1st. While partying in Atlanta on New Year’s Eve for the Peach Bowl, Twitter user @ompowderblues’s cousin allegedly decided to call it a night and go “home” to bed. Like a responsible drunken adult, he ordered an Uber to come pick him up. But instead of throwing a destination pin at his hotel, he entered the address of his home.

…In his hometown.

…In Mississippi.

Then he passed out in the backseat, presumably unresponsive to the the Uber driver’s inquiries of “are you sure that’s where you want to go?” when seeing how far away it is. So the driver took him home to his house in Mississippi, like a champ, if you believe @ompowderblues’s tweets.

I’ve done some dumb things under the influence of alcohol with Uber before. Once, while visiting San Diego a few years ago, I made an Uber driver wait in a long, 2AM line at drive-thru of an In-and-Out Burger for two Animal style burgers. He told me it would be faster if I just went in, but I wanted nothing to do with that. We waited and I devoured both in the backseat of his car. I still feel bad for making his car smell like onions.

This dude is going to be the drunk story G.O.A.T. in his gang of buddies for a long, long time.

Sorry for partying? Nah. Dude did it for the story and, as big of an idiot as he is, it’s the price you pay for being the clown of your group of friends for a while.

UPDATE: Looks like a Twitter troll is being a Twitter troll. Our Facebook readers did a wonderful job debunking this, noting that it’d be well outside Uber’s 60 mile limit. Also, another reader notes that @ompowderblues Photoshop skills don’t match with what Uber actually uses:

Another person with knowledge of the Uber situation in the ATL on New Year’s Eve notes the following:

[H/T: Uproxx]

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