Look At How Big Of An Asshole This Drunk Wake Forest Student Was To A Cop

I’ve always said that being a cab driver in a college town is either the best job in the world or the worst job in the world. You’d make a shit ton of easy money on the weekends. But then again, how much money is worth dealing with constant drunk assholes like this Wake Forest kid?

This disorderly conduct police report at Wake Forest made it’s way to Total Frat Move Without ever getting physical or resisting arrest, the kid goes verbally nuts on a cop. Every insult makes its way into the police report, which makes for some A+ comedy with likes like “he advised me that I still sucked dick” and “Mr. X also advised me that he was going to sue the fuck out of me and that I was a fat police officer and that I was fucked.”

There are plenty of blow-hard college cops out there, but I feel bad about the yell assholes like this twat put them through.

Kind of amazing the cop didn’t file charges at first, then clearly thought about it and was like “Wow, fuck this kid. He’s not getting off this easy after “advising me that I was a fat fuck and was going to die early.” I’d love to be a fly-on-the-wall when daddy’s lawyer tells the kid that he’s a moron and no he can’t drop the charges.

Power move by the cop.

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